Re: CHAPI Playground's Latest Update - Verification Workflows

On Tue, Mar 14, 2023 at 1:23 PM Orie Steele <>

This is moving to a vc-api discussion instead of a discussion specific to
CHAPI Playground, which is fine. It's important to highlight this
transition for those following.

I see no evidence of implementation, and I conclude the vc-api spec
> proposes implementers build conformance to a thing that has no
> demonstrated interoperability (at the http layer).

This is great because it helps fill in gaps that I had on vc-api
implementation progress. I was going to make the same statement about the
"vc-api prove endpoint". In the projects that I've led, in a variety of
market verticals, that endpoint was never used. This discussion helps
highlight the difficulty of tracking who has implemented what. Now that I
know there's at least one implementation of the "vc-api prove endpoint" it
should be kept in the spec. In the same vein, there are multiple
implementations of "vc-api exchange endpoints".

Who has implemented the "vc-api exchange endpoints" or the "vc-api prove
> endpoint"?

This is not a complete list because I'm unable to track what 100% of the VC
space is implementing. However, I know the following entities have
implemented the "vc-api exchange endpoints": DB, MIT DCC, Gobekli, TruAge
(a nationwide retail deployment), and at least one large government. We are
tracking additional implementers who intend to use this API for their
native wallet and multiple signals from other implementers on an intent to
implement as well.

There may be more, but I can only make assertions about what I listed
above. I hope that helps.

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