Re: [Agenda] W3C CCG 3/7/23 - Lists of Verifiable Issuers and Verifiers

David wrote:

> I actually do not think your use case is one that is suitable for a list
> of trusted issuers (or verifiers) as described by Isaac.

I agree with you.
My point in presenting the "SocialWeb Credibility" example was to define an
extreme case which was unlikely to be well addressed by the proposal --
unless there was some detail I hadn't understood.

 But, given that we now have some idea of the extremes, the interesting
questions remain, including:

   - At what point, between 1 list member and 10 million list members, is
   it no longer reasonable to use a list based approach?
   - What do we do about the extreme case?

bob wyman

Received on Tuesday, 7 March 2023 20:17:39 UTC