Re: POLL RESULTS: What is the action that produces a Verifiable Presentation?

On Sat, Mar 4, 2023 at 1:21 PM Moses Ma
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> This is totally nitpicking, but it’s often better to use Fibonacci weighted ranked voting, rather than a Borda count, to magnify the difference between top competitors in a multi-voted election.

The tool we're using allows us to, after the fact, re-tally ballots
based on different algorithms. Here are our choices:

I'm happy to recount using a different algorithm as long as the person
suggesting it is willing to explain/defend why the recount method is
better and then interpret the results. There are a number of
algorithms that we can choose from that would require hours of reading
to understand why you'd use one over the other, so we'd need someone
to boil that down for us commoners. :P

-- manu

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