Re: Research study on misinformation, etc

Girish  if you are not already aware of us, I would strongly recommend you connect with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) at   We have built an international standard to address the problems of lack of provenance to assets, which is currently implemented by a number of both hardware and software vendors, as well as being referenced by (pending) government legislation in the US, and (in process for) the UK, EU and Australia.

Also, you should connect with the CredWeb CG here at the W3C (, as that is their topic as well, though they are currently on hiatus.

Chair, C2PA Technical Working Group

From: Girish Narang <>
Date: Friday, January 6, 2023 at 3:50 AM
To: Mike Prorock <>, W3C Credentials CG <>
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Subject: RE: Research study on misinformation, etc

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for sharing my research questionnaire<> to the group. Id very much appreciate all your input to my research. And please feel free to share with your other network circle.  I have only one third of the required number of respondents (52/150).

A bit of background about myself: Im based in Montreal- Canada and I work as a Cloud Solution Architect at SG, working in tech since 2003 I started as a software dev in .NET and doing architecture/design since 2012.  I have a keen interest in AI/Blockchain and during the pandemic, I wanted to develop  the management/people-side skill, hence opted to do an MBA with AI/Blockchain modules.

In my dissertation phase now.

The title of my research is: Tackling The Spread Of False Information On Social Media Platforms In The United States: With AI And Blockchain Technologies

Based on the following main research questions:

  *   What are the impacts of false information on individuals, organizations, or society in the United States?
  *   Why do we need to regulate false information like fake news and be held accountable in sharing them?
  *   How can technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain help tackle this issue?
Here is my LinkedIn profile, if youd like to connect to my professional network:<>

I am also adding:<> to the email thread  he is as well doing his research on a similar topic.

Please feel free to reach out if youd like to discuss on any similar topics. I am interested and keen to learn and share with like-minded individuals.

Have a great Friday and a great week end ahead.

Thank you and looking forward to connecting with you in the future.


Girish Narang

From: Mike Prorock <>
Sent: 05 January 2023 20:50
To: W3C Credentials CG <>
Subject: Research study on misinformation, etc

Interesting research study from a grad student came across my path and I thought I would share with the community if there is interest in the topic here:<>

Copying Girish who is running the study on this thread.

Mike Prorock<>

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