Re: LinkedIn going the Verifable way (kinda)

Fully agree Kim. But ... let me add some information from this other side (EU)

eIDAS2 extends eIDAS, the European Identity Trust Framework, introducing Electronic Attestation of Attributes (EEA) and the European Digital Identify Wallet (EUDIW).

To resume, EUDIW will be a must for big service providers offering services to EU citizens (several companion European Acts will also be a must - like DSA, DMA).

To facilitate and ensure adoption, 4 Large Scale Pilots have been raised. Digital Credentials for Europe (DC4EU) with 22 Member States involved (mostly public driven) is the eIDAS2 Large Scale Pilot for educational credentials and professional qualifications (qualifications, titles, and licenses), and social security (Portable Document A1 and European Health Insurance Card).

DC4EU reuses all work done by MS at European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), fully aligned to W3C-VC standards.

So .. step by step ….

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Educational credentials and professional qualifications
eIDAS Toolbox Process

Convenor Diplomas Use Case
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They had the answer right in front of them, and they chose this?

On Wed, Apr 12, 2023 at 10:26 PM Simone Ravaioli <<>> wrote:
LinkedIn and Microsoft introduce a new way to verify your workplace.

How do they verify skills and qualifications, tho ? Proof of employment does not extend automatically to proof of learning.

Also, I would like to see @w3c Verifiable Credentials being explicitly mentioned as the open standard of use, instead of referring to it as Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials.




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