Moving VC JSON Schemas to the VCWG

Hi all,

Recently the VCWG passed a proposal to adopt the VC JSON Schema
<> work item. Following that
resolution I’d like to request that the chairs of the CCG transition the
work item to the W3C VCWG.

In preparation for that transition I’ve done two things:

   1. Opened a PR in the VC JSON Schema repo
   <> to update the draft
   status to “CG-Final”
   2. Taken that final report and opened a PR
   <> to the CG-Reports repo

Once the latter PR is approved and I have the working group’s approval to
transition the work item I will facilitate transferring the repository and
aligning the document to the VCWG.

Thank you!

Gabe Cohen

Lead Platform Engineer, Verifiable Credentials <>

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Twitter <>

Received on Tuesday, 4 April 2023 21:09:08 UTC