[MINUTES] W3C CCG Traceability Call - 2022-07-19

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Verifiable Traceability Task Force Transcript for 2022-07-19

  1. IP Note, Agenda Review, Scribe Selection
  2. GitHub Issue & PR review
  Orie Steele, Mike Prorock, Mahmoud Alkhraishi
  Our Robot Overlords
  Chris Abernethy, Russell Hofvendahl (mesur.io), Ben - Transmute, 
  nis, TallTed // Ted Thibodeau (he/him) (OpenLinkSw.com), Orie 
  Steele, Ted Thibodeau, Vivien

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Ben_-_Transmute: Yeah maybe we could switch do like 30 minutes or 
  30 minutes or something.
Ben_-_Transmute: Yeah all right I'll definitely I'll definitely 
  take thirst first 30 minutes okay so the first thing we need to 
  do is read the meeting notes so this meeting is held up by 
  voiceover jitsi at the link and covers for requesting issues on 
  items related to the various pieces of ccg projects related to 
  traceability and the supply chain primary repositories are 
  directed Track by the group for discussion or the traceability 
  roof vocabulary and traceability intro.
Ben_-_Transmute: Perpetuity alternates between each of the above 
  two repositories.
Ben_-_Transmute: Channel note the.
Ben_-_Transmute: For the weekend start up meeting so this week I 
  believe we are in vocab correct.

Topic: IP Note, Agenda Review, Scribe Selection

Ben_-_Transmute: Okay we have a standing Agenda One IP note 
  agenda review subscribe section agenda review IP note anyone can 
  participate in these calls however all substantial contributions 
  to any ccg work items must be members of the ccg with full IP are 
  agreements signed in the URL and sure you have a w3c account that 
  we three can carry license agreement and call notes these minutes 
  and audio recording of everything set on the collar archived at.
Ben_-_Transmute:  the link and then let's see and Jeff.

Topic: GitHub Issue & PR review

Ben_-_Transmute: I think we're okay to skip the rest of this 
  after that Q other good stuff as we go so I guess let's go ahead 
  and get started with traceability vocab pull requests.
Ben_-_Transmute: And we have one that is merged marked as merch 
  first so I will go ahead and start with pull request or 74.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay so since this is my poor request what this 
  does is this goes through a lot of the verifiable credential or 
  other verify credentials that I know adds a tag to The yellow 
  section of them and Mahmood made a note on this to say can we 
  have multiple tags and the answer is absolutely yes this there's 
  nothing service for these tags currently the main reason I wanted 
  to add them is because number one it makes scripting.
Ben_-_Transmute: Through credentials and searching through them.
<tallted> best path forward after 474 -- 
Ben_-_Transmute: Here to say like hey give me all the credentials 
  that relate to e-commerce I can search them and then write 
  scripts and make changes as needed and then also later on we can 
  service this and the respect document and the open API spec as 
  needed to make how these are used more visible.
Ben_-_Transmute:  so if there are no.
Ben_-_Transmute: Sentence to emerging 474 I will go ahead and do 
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay merging 474.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay and then going back and starting from 
  oldest to newest I'll just go ahead and order the next one is 
  pull request for 71 by this so feel free to take it.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay any objections to emerging pull requests 
  for 71.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay merging for because 471.
Ben_-_Transmute: Next pull request is for 72 this is also mine 
  and what it does is it updates our CI script for schemas to vote 
  count that Jess and what this does is it reads through all the 
  credentials as we're building the HTML for the gets built into 
  the respect document and it looks for dependencies that are used 
  inside the credential and it adds some has links under the schema 
  credit under the exam.
Ben_-_Transmute: Just as a side note testing this locally really 
  improved readability because you can quickly jump to other 
  credentials that are related to these so thank you 40 any 
  objections to merging pull requests for 72.
Chris_Abernethy: Yeah I like this one a lot.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay it was it was a small change by I'm very 
  happy with how it turned out so the next one is pull request for 
  73 posting in chat this is a very small change there is no 
  description in the commercial invoice certificate example Jason 
  and all this does is just add a quick description too.
Ben_-_Transmute: To that effect.
Ben_-_Transmute: So I think this should be a pretty easy one to 
  merge our there any objections.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay emerging 473.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay then the next one is for request for 75.
Ben_-_Transmute: I guess I was pretty active this week I was 
  looking through tickets that our backlog and just looking for 
  easy ones to snipe this addresses issue 235 which we have issue 
  which is we're using the issue for a issue and Trace vocab as a 
  placeholder for our example Jason and this room looks at and 
  updates it with new data for the relocation list 2020 status and 
  your objections to merging 475.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay the next one is 476 by 40.
Orie Steele:  Right clean up workflow definitions this PR 
  basically just updates the way that we were referring to some 
  terms it gives us a way to link directly to the extensions we've 
  made to the technical recommendation for verifiable credentials.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay any objections to emerging 476.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay the next one is fixing a crown description 
  478 -.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay very small change I think everyone is okay 
  with this says to approvals merging or some gate.
Ben_-_Transmute: Next one is for 79 by this looks like Russell 
  yes what do you want to discuss for Sunday night.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Yeah sure this provides a lot of 
  this provides the credentials that will be needed for people to 
  submit information about the CTE s critical tracking events and 
  key data elements they can comply with the the new traceability 
  rule by the FDA.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay it looks like there is a bunch of 
  conversations on the pull request nothing that is specifically 
  blocking are there any objections or any final challenges before 
  we merge 479.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay merging it's okay.
Ben_-_Transmute: Merging for Sunday night.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay the next one is 86 intend to important 
Orie Steele:  Right talked with Mike Baroque about this this is a 
  pull request which essentially just changes the name of a example 
  credential I think Miss had mentioned something about a pull 
  request that was based off of this that might be coming late so 
  if Miss if you've already done that then we should merge yours 
  instead of mine right.
Ben_-_Transmute: I think it's 486.
Ben_-_Transmute: 40 50 in 1020 Fort certificate okay.
Orie Steele:  And it won't have any changes that I would merge to 
  mine like if I accept tall Ted's grammar correction it will then 
  create a conflict between these two and we would want to take 
  yours if it's more substantive first and then go back and make 
  that change.
Orie Steele:  That's excellent so I would prefer we take yours 
  which is pull 485.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay so I will I will jump in order and merge 45 
  do we want to do give a quick summary of what intention Port is 
Orie Steele:  Now we've talked about it quite a lot it's 
  signaling your intent to import and it has a full description of 
  what it is in the pull request.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay I will go ahead and if there's no check 
  since I'll go ahead and merge both 45.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay porch 45 was merch.
Ben_-_Transmute: You want to take a look at 40 and that actually 
  automatically closed or a pork roast or a tea I think.
Ben_-_Transmute: I was nuts I just was worried about not losing 
  those changes the next tournament is full of requests for 81 
  which is fixed term bug on raw material this is from this.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay any objections to merging 481.
Ben_-_Transmute: Everyone is we've got for approvals merging or 
  three and a half like this G forty-one next one is 482 which is 
  also notice would you care to describe the changes and.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay so if there's no objections to merging 482 
  I'm the only person who approved it but let's go ahead and now 
  okay we have to to approvals up merging 42 and the next one is.
Ben_-_Transmute: 83 this is another.
Ben_-_Transmute: Fix so I think the same one applies I will go 
  ahead and add an approval and anyone else who would like to see 
  these changes fixed cannot improve on next two or three things.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay that's that's perfectly fine so just small 
  term changes emerging or 83.
Ben_-_Transmute: And the next one is 484 if this is what I think 
  it is Russell might become my new favorite person.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Yeah I hadn't thought of AG being 
  confused for silver.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay yeah that's the only thing I can either way 
  it looks like it just changes the agriculture abbreviations to 
  agriculture as a whole thing better Clarity better conventions I 
  am super on board with this change any objections to pull request 
Ben_-_Transmute: Beautiful I agree merging 44.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Is that is that a property with 
  accidentally a capital name.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Just a little.
Chris_Abernethy: Hang on hang on hang on I have what one question 
  about the agricultural inspection report line 23 should that be 
  capital I apologize I just saw it as we're looking through I 
  think it doesn't have a capital name.
Orie Steele:  So attributes or properties should be camelcase and 
  classes or types should be title case that's the convention.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Um can you repeat what time it is.
Chris_Abernethy: And I just created a change request.
Chris_Abernethy: It was line 263 okay.
Ben_-_Transmute: Let's see should I try birth the commit to go 
  ahead and.
Orie Steele:  We should probably take a follow-up.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Yeah right away.
Orie Steele:  Take a tissue or a subsequent pull request if it's 
  very smoke if I do that.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): I can probably didn't real quick 
  but so.
Ben_-_Transmute: All right so just handle another poll request I 
  think that would be perfectly fine.
Ben_-_Transmute: Expert report yeah just handle than a holy 
  roller coasters.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Sure so another pull request you 
Ben_-_Transmute: I think though easiest.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay important intend to import workflow so this 
  is 486.
Chris_Abernethy: You do the other one.
Orie Steele:  Let's do it.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay yeah I think although all of the remaining 
  four of us are from you traceability presentations is the same 
  thing that has uncommitted suggestions from Ted see my license 
  number and C mon let's do 488 as that one seems very simple I can 
  go ahead and describe this if you want to do commits such thing 
  as license number added this is a small change to Seema.
Ben_-_Transmute: License where we a day.
Ben_-_Transmute: We're a missing license number which is a 
  required attribute from the example and so this is just fixing a 
  small error in the an example Jason that was not addressed until 
  now so a 488 just fixes the example Jason for see my license this 
  is a small change I would be extremely surprised if there are any 
  objections any objections to merging poor request for Ada.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay merging radiate.
Ben_-_Transmute: And what's up Russell.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Actually I was just looking at 
  your suggestion Chris and I'm not sure if I understand it 
  currently agriculture package is lower case because it is a 
  property named I don't understand why that would be capitalized.
Orie Steele:  Seems correct if it's a property name that it 
  should be camel case.
Chris_Abernethy: Yeah if my suggestion is not valid that's fine I 
  was just going off of what I was seeing in that file as far as 
  like patterns and how you were making these changes and that one 
  seem different to me.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Okay there are some where it says 
  type agriculture package and those are referencing a file rather 
  than a property there's somewhere there's a property name that 
  matches with a schema name later.
Orie Steele:  I'm tight yeah.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Cool so that one might be 
  measurable then.
Orie Steele:  That one was emerged as far as I'm aware.
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): No rape your breasts are great.
Ben_-_Transmute: Yeah yeah so if there if there's no changes then 
  there's no need to put up a subsequent PR to address those 
Russell_Hofvendahl_(mesur.io): Great thank you.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay the next one to draw attention to is 489 so 
  we get feedback from just which said that rather than the PHD a 
  status message this credential or specifically refers to the 
  status of a shipment and they wanted to make that a lot easier to 
  understand in terms of shipment status and that is why this 
  credential has been changed to from PJ status message to PGA 
  shipment status.
Ben_-_Transmute: It looks like there is.
Ben_-_Transmute: Request on conflict on the on the on the pull 
  request is there any objections to merging this outside the call 
  or a sink as soon as this conflict has been resolved.
Ben_-_Transmute: Not I will make a.
Orie Steele:  No I'll leave a comment saying that.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay and that looks like we gave Miss enough 
  time to address the feedback so do you want to come back to 486.
Ben_-_Transmute: It says outdated suggestion so it looks like 
  there might have been.
Orie Steele:  Can you link to the comment in the chat.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Sorry I'm 
  looking at it now.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Right in the 
  that line in the line 5 that you had changed.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): You put into 
  that description it's at the far end but the far right.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): That's the 
  same description that was up above so.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Intention to 
  intended use that's all.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): You took the 
  notes to myself there you go yep.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay so are we saying it's are we okay for all 
  requests for 87.
Ben_-_Transmute: Or are we or do we want to say that it can be 
  marched outside of meeting once it's been addressed which one 
  would you prefer this.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay any objections to the Virgin 4:15 87.
Ben_-_Transmute: Searching for Ethan.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay 486 is green and gray to be addressed I 
  think we already talked about this door okay and there is 
  currently no approvals on it everything has been resolved in the 
  comments adding a approval hear any objections to emerging for 
  requests for 86.
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay merging poor quest for 86.
Ben_-_Transmute: And then that leaves us with our last poll 
  requests which is opj tell update which will be merged as soon as 
  the conflict has been resolved so that concludes traceability 
Ben_-_Transmute: Okay that was one of the Lagos for questions I 
  think we've hacked this do you want do you want to do 
  traceability interrupt you two want to switch off 30 minutes like 
Ben_-_Transmute: All right shows yours.
Chris_Abernethy: Right so this is if you remember last time we 
  spoke I had a pull request to create two workflows that would 
  allow you to rotate the G key and onboard new users with an 
  encrypted environment file or a suggested that it would be 
  helpful if we can do this on the command line so folks didn't 
  have to generate personal access tokens with Google so I added a 
  couple of wrapper script.
Chris_Abernethy: Is that you can run from the command line.
<orie> thank for the wrapper scripts... much nicer devx
Chris_Abernethy: Then call out and reuse this code that I already 
  developed certain to run the workflows I also modify the 
  documentation to indicate that instead of generating the personal 
  access token you could use the personal access token from the 
  command line the GitHub command line will dump that for you if 
  you do I think it was GH off minus t so added functionality with 
  some rapper Scripts.
<orie> excellent documentation!
<orie> awesome work!
Chris_Abernethy: Yep so 288 is a modification to the open API 
  spec when you are issuing a credential the that the issuer ID is 
  required the spec was not correctly requiring it if it was 
  presented to issue is presented as an object with an ID parameter 
  so this adds a requirement on the ID parameter when it's an 
  object for.
Chris_Abernethy: Yeah that's the embedded schema for conformance 
Chris_Abernethy: So this is one of many conformance tests 
  additions I've added this particular one let's see ads 
  conformance testing for the did Jason and point and the 
  identifiers did and point.
Chris_Abernethy: Not for those two endpoints but for additional 
  conformance testing.
Chris_Abernethy: I'm so 292 this is the first of I think what is 
  going to be several conflicts but the essence of this one is 
  modifying the variable name used to hold the response schema for 
  validation of the credentials issue endpoint initially it was 
  called response schema 201 which is not very descriptive and will 
  Clash when we do a response game of 2001 validation for 
  presentations proof so simply renamed.
Chris_Abernethy: That it was a bit more descriptive and won't 
  clash with other variables doing similar schema work.
Chris_Abernethy: Or he just added one.
<orie> This is excellent as well
Chris_Abernethy: This one is mine as well so when the new 
  conformance reports list all of the tests that are run the 
  assertions on the left hand side and they did not include any 
  sort of name spacing to indicate which end point they were for 
  and we're going to be having a lot of these and many of them will 
  have similar names so this change request adds a bit of name 
  spacing so that it's easily identifiable identifiable which.
Chris_Abernethy: Test the assertions belong.
Orie Steele:  Can you link the pull request in chat please.
Orie Steele:  Grade I've spoken to Mike about this I think we 
  should merge over his objection and I can close the loop with him 
Orie Steele:  This is to support did web essentially the did webs 
  are unresolvable if you don't accept this this change.
Chris_Abernethy: Okay so this one.
Chris_Abernethy: This one started because there was a difference 
  in what I was seeing in the facet view which was the list of 
  tests with the boxes and what I was seeing in the Sunburst and 
  the tree charts and the reason for that is that each test has 
  multiple assertions and the Order of those assertions in the data 
  frame is being used to drive this visualization is undefined so 
  depending on when you ran it they.
Chris_Abernethy:  might show.
<orie> go on, you can make a canonicalization joke
Chris_Abernethy: Singer Phelan so the first modification I did 
  was to aggregate those so that we could determine you know if how 
  many of these assertions passed and how many failed so that we 
  could accurately reflect whether a test was fully passing fully 
  failing or partially failing and in addition to fixing that are I 
  also added a new color to the Chart so that we can visually see 
  which ones were partially failing and if you scroll down there's 
  a couple.
Chris_Abernethy:  love pictures.
Chris_Abernethy: That show what it looks like now.
<orie> great name change
Chris_Abernethy: Okay so in a previous poll request there was a 
  suggestion to rename the folder titled happy path to positive 
  testing so I just carry that over to some of the other tests that 
  were already in place so we are aligned on naming.
<orie> more professional looking
Chris_Abernethy: So this one is in relation to the context in a 
  did document this is defined by did core to be either a string or 
  an array that contains both or either strings or objects our spec 
  said it had to be an array of strings so it admitted the just a 
  string and the array containing objects possibilities so this 
  modifies the spec to allow for those.
Chris_Abernethy: Three or four is adding the OS to related 
  conformance - testing for credentials update so verifies that 
  oauth is required in the request fail if it's not present there 
  are several of these the first one you merge will merge the rest 
  will conflict.
Chris_Abernethy: I believe it will look like this as well 306.
Chris_Abernethy: So this one has to do with changes that we made 
  when we added the conformance testing we now publish report 
  artifacts into separate folders under the reports folder and 
  GitHub documents get a page excuse me so this modifies the 
  reporters so that you can specify which of those two folders to 
  use as the source when you're running it locally and it downloads 
  the latest.
Chris_Abernethy: Ada and it does that by adding two different 
  command line options either - see for conformance - I for 
  interoperability they both also have long versions and this also 
  sets the stage for 272 which is another issue that is around 
  modifying the HTML template to be more specific depending on 
  which type of report is being generated.
Chris_Abernethy: This one has a conflict wasn't expecting that 
  but I'm not surprised because it's also modifies the postman test 
  so this adds a test that when the issuer ID is provided in a 
  credentials issue requests if it is a string but it is not in URI 
  format then the expected result is a 400 bad request in this ad 
Chris_Abernethy: Appropriate - testing to be conformed.
Chris_Abernethy: I believe that was added last week.
Orie Steele:  It's it's it's a requirement that comes from 
  understanding verifiable credentials all ID values in verifiable 
  credential are an alias of a tidy which must be a valid iri.
Chris_Abernethy: So this is ticketed or reopens while back 
  regarding making the challenge property of presentation options 
  be required this is simple schema change to implement that 
Orie Steele:  While we're on it just a comment regarding 
  challenge challenge if it's a uuid requires sort of stateful 
  management on the verifier side like the verifier has to remember 
  that they've given you this uuid and that you know they're going 
  to theoretically not accept the presentation over it if it comes 
  to years later because that could be like indicating a problem 
  you can fix this by making the challenge a Json web token or.
Orie Steele:  Something that's signed by the verifier and then.
Orie Steele:  Are Fire doesn't need to.
Orie Steele:  Member all of the uuids that it's handed out and 
  this has been raised on a few issues and I'm just pointing it out 
  here because the structure of challenges and a string it doesn't 
  say that challenge has to be a uuid and there's a really good 
  reason why you might want that challenge to be a JWT namely the 
  example that I just gave so I'm just providing verbal context 
  because I'm sure we eventually we will see those issues come up 
  and hopefully people will remember what it said.
Orie Steele:  Yeah it's amazing amazing work truly amazing.
Ben_-_Transmute: Darkness you want to post the minutes at the end 
  of the meeting we want to repeat that.
Orie Steele:  Yeah I don't think you at least that long to post 
  the minutes.
Chris_Abernethy: I missed you want to do the the publishing of 
  the minutes on the call so that we can go through it together.
Orie Steele:  Let's do it.
Ben_-_Transmute: Yes you can you can still get a screen.
Chris_Abernethy: I'm happy to guide you I'm familiar with the 
Ben_-_Transmute: And then Prince do you need to stop recording 
  for this.
Chris_Abernethy: Do we do we want this recorded as part of the 
  call or know I think we can probably.
Chris_Abernethy: That is indeed true.
Ben_-_Transmute: Yeah that's that's what I was just thinking.
Orie Steele:  Actually it'd be great to return if the problem 
  will be that you won't get the minutes until you stop recording I 
  think right it would be amazing if we could record the process of 
  publishing the minutes.
Chris_Abernethy: Perhaps we should plan on doing a screen capture 
  next time if anyone has it to the appropriate software to do 
Ben_-_Transmute: Hi I don't think so I was able to grab yeah.
Chris_Abernethy: I don't believe so okay so I'll stop recording 
  now then and we can proceed with the process.
Chris_Abernethy: Okay so the first thing you need to do is in the 
  bottom right you need to select the appropriate meeting where it 
  says weekly meeting there.
Ben_-_Transmute: On the meeting spread to on the back on the 
  second project that one.
Chris_Abernethy: Yes like today and change it from weekly meeting 
  to believe it's traceability.

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