3 IIW Special Topic Events..


  I wanted to be sure to let you all know about 2 official IIW-Special
Topic 1/2day virtual events and an event Kaliya & Heidi are working on with
Radical Exchange focused on Web3 identity.

*#1* - August 4: *The Business of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI): Exploring
the Commercial Readiness and Application of SSI   More Info
<https://iiw_business_of_ssi.eventbrite.com/>*  *This IIW Special Topic
event is for CEOs, Founders, Business Development leads, anyone who cares
about the Business of SSI. It provides the space for you to discuss, share
and collaborate together.*

*#2* - August 9 in Asia TZ:* Digital Identity Across Asia *(Anchored in
Daytime Asia Time Zones!) *More Info Register
<https://iiw_digital-identity-across-asia.eventbrite.com/>*  *An IIW
Special Topic event for people and organizations based in Asia who are
working on and interested in emerging trends in digital identity.  We
encourage people interested in decentralized identity from around the globe
to attend!*

*IIW Special Topic 1/2 Day Virtual Workshops*
We are hosting several 1/2-Day *Special Topics Events* that are
complementary to our regular twice a year IIW. They will run just like our
usual IIW Open Space Workshops - with an Opening/Agenda Creation, 3
Sessions and a Closing Circle, a total of 5 hrs.  We will have session
notes and a Book of Proceedings.
*Third (3rd) Summer Identity Event See Below*
*#3 Exploring Digital Identity for Decentralized Societies*
*Connecting the dots around Web3 / Metaverse Identity Conversations*
*a** RadicalxChange
<https://www.radicalxchange.org/?mc_cid=2321939e22&mc_eid=UNIQID> **Open
Space unConference*
*August 16th & 18th /* More Info Register
A 2 day virtual event, happening on August 16 & 18th. Each day runs from
7am PST to 11pm PST

Why this event? We were thinking about a special topic event 1/2 virtual
event on Identity in Web3 but then the DeSoc Paper Decentralized Society:
Finding Web3's Soul came out
a whole conversation about how NFTs, SoulBound Tokens (a new idea) and
standards we have been working on at IIW for many years ensued. Kaliya &
Heidi are working with RadicalxChange (an excellent community of humans
working on interesting things) on this event and all of you interested in
topics related to digital identity in Web3, the Metaverse, proof of
humanity etc. are encouraged to join us at this event.

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