Re: DID Press Release Testimonials

Standardized DIDs are an essential first step toward empowering individuals
to engage peers, institutions and service providers without having to trade
platform surveillance for convenience. A standardized digital identifier
empowers the individual by reducing their switching costs among service
providers and platform intermediaries. The power of individual choice and
self-determination will not be realized, however, unless the protocols that
incorporate identity enable delegation in order to manage the burden of
choice and the anxiety of self-determination.

Adrian Gropper, CTO, Patient Privacy Rights Foundation

On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 12:23 PM Zundel, Brent <>

> This message is to inform the DID WG and CCG that the W3C intends to write
> a press release.
> To that end, we are seeking testimonials about Decentralized Identifiers.
> For an example of the sort of thing we're looking for, please see:
> The testimonials may be submitted as a reply to this email. The deadline
> for submission is July 15th.
> Thank you,
> Brent Zundel, co-chair DID WG

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