Jobs For The Future VC added to playground

Hi Credentials CG (and VC EDU CG, bcc'd),

TL;DR: In an attempt to support the current Jobs for the Future Plugfest, an
Open Badge v3.0 example for an Academic Achievement has been added to the playground. You can now see what a JFF badge issuance and transfer to
a Holder wallet looks like in CHAPI (on mobile and web, on any device that can
run a web browser). Images of the flow are attached.

A few weeks ago, we had announced community tooling for using CHAPI to move
Verifiable Credentials from an Issuer to a Holder:

Future JFF Plugfests are going to focus on moving Verifiable Credentials from
an Issuer to a Holder and then from a Holder to a Verifier. One mechanism that
can be used to achieve this is the Credential Handler API (which is a work
item in the Credentials Community Group).

The CHAPI playground is now capable of demonstrating the movement of an Open
Badge v3.0 Achievement VC from an Issuer to a Holder's digital wallet via
CHAPI. This tooling can be used by any organization that supports CHAPI in
their digital wallet.

To add CHAPI support to your web-based digital wallet, you can follow the
tutorial here:

Native digital wallets need only register as a Web Share event receiver and
will receive the same message as that sent to a web-based digital wallet.

Our hope in providing this tooling to the community is to reduce the amount of
work that needs to be performed by the plugfest participants when issuing and
verifying VCs and, as a result, further increase the turnout and success rate
for the next set of plugfests.

Questions, concerns, thoughts?

-- manu

Manu Sporny -
Founder/CEO - Digital Bazaar, Inc.
News: Digital Bazaar Announces New Case Studies (2021)

Received on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 17:25:47 UTC