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Re: Invitation: [OPTIONAL] W3C CCG Infrastructure Test

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2022 13:00:40 -0500
To: public-credentials@w3.org
Message-ID: <b4c760ad-dd3d-d309-764e-d6ccf6cf1539@digitalbazaar.com>
On 1/4/22 10:14 AM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Title: [OPTIONAL] W3C CCG Infrastructure Test
> Location: https://meet.w3c-ccg.org/weekly

Hey folks, the test was a success. There were still a few issues w/ people
connecting (e.g., Chrome on Chromebook), but many of the other Chrome on Mac,
Firefox, and Safari on Mac issues seem to have been resolved. Overall, the
upgrade was a net positive.

We also tested auto-transcription, which worked as well as as Google's
untrained Speech-to-Text API works (we have logging and training turned off so
that Google won't build voice models of meeting participants).

The /raw/ auto-transcription output is below. While much of the text is
understandable, there are portions that are comically bad, so we'll try to get
the "s/OLD_TEXT/NEW_TEXT/" commands working next so everyone can help fix the
few comically bad auto-transcription entries as they happen.

W3C CCG Weekly Teleconference Transcript for 2022-01-03


  Heather Vescent, Mike Prorock, Wayne Chang
  Our Robot Overlords
  Manu Sporny, TallTed // Ted Thibodeau (he/him) (OpenLinkSw.com),
  Nick Meyne, Adam, Mike Prorock, Heather Vescent, Harrison Tang,
  Juan Caballero, Adrian Gropper, Leo, David I. Lehn, Phil L (P1),
  rgrant (Ryan Grant), Marty Reed, Mahmoud Alkhraishi, Ryan Grant,
  David Chadwick, Kayode Ezike, cel-mobile, Jeff Orgel, Jon St.

<juan_caballero_(spruce)> ooooooo
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> would it help for ALL of us to go
  offmute and do a cacophony test?
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> we all hear each other exc mike
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> hahahaha it's working perfectly
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> we can hear everyone except manu :D
<adam> Can hear Heather and not Manu as well
<manu_sporny> Try to force refresh/rejoin mprorock
<adam> lol
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Recording is
Manu Sporny:  Alright so recordings working and auto
  transcription seems to be working I'll pause.
Mike Prorock:  Now I can hear manna.
Manu Sporny:  Marigot hey Mike I could hear you did what what
  browser are you on right now.
Mike Prorock:  Latest Chromebook.
Mike Prorock:  Stable build from Google Linux same version of
  Chrome right now and that's working.
Manu Sporny:  Okay okay so what were you using before where the
  audio is funky.
Mike Prorock:  Bose Chromebook both Chrome issues.
<tallted_//_ted_thibodeau_(he/him)_(openlinksw.com)> s/manna/manu
Mike Prorock:  Less so on Firefox.
<david_lehn> took multiple reloads for to hear audio here. mac
  chrome 96.0.4664.110
Manu Sporny:  Okay.
<tallted_//_ted_thibodeau_(he/him)_(openlinksw.com)> is the
  transcriber trainable?
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> I'm on chrome on an XP machine and it
  worked fine. Chrome Version 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build)
Manu Sporny:  That bug is still there I guess but hopefully other
  folks yet Dave Lane said that he had to do multiple for three
  loads to hear audio on his macron so there might be some scripts
  that Jesse's cashing or your browser's cashing.
Manu Sporny:  Sometimes you just have to force reload to get
  those clear.
Mike Prorock:  Yeah yeah I did it I did a hard cash clear just in
  case but I'll check that again later I'll just.
Mike Prorock:  It's working.
Manu Sporny:  Okay and just to be clear can you can y'all see the
  auto transcriber going in the chat Channel.
Manu Sporny:  He's been typing any of this out this is Magic
  artificial intelligence stuff.
Mike Prorock:  Yeah it looks like you're in this is all in Google
  Voice to Text right.
<david_lehn> "Dave Lane"?  i object to their transcription! ;-)
Manu Sporny:  Yep yeah we're using the Google speech-to-text API.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> it's awesome except it needs to be
  taught Manu's name :D
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> at the same time?
Heather Vescent:  I would like to maybe have everyone who's on
  the call say some more herds so we can test the auto
  transcription with different multiple voices and having it you
  connect to the right.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> like interrupt each other?
Heather Vescent:  Identity with the transcriptions.
Adrian Gropper:  New Year.
Heather Vescent:  Well.
Manu Sporny:  Do you want us all to talk at the same time.
Heather Vescent:  Yes please go all like throw everything.
Rgrant_:)_Ryan_Grant: That's perfect we should.
Mike Prorock:  Way more fun if it's all at the same time that's a
Heather Vescent:  And suggested that I thought we should just try
Juan_Caballero_(Spruce): Chaos monkeys.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> amazing!
Manu Sporny:  Yeah and it looks like I mean it looks like the
  transcription thing is getting all of us talking the same types
  of it so Heather are you logged in as an admin or Mike or you
  logged in as an admin.
Mike Prorock:  I am not.
Manu Sporny:  Okay.
Heather Vescent:  Yes I did log in as I believe I am logged in so
  yeah I should be.
Manu Sporny:  So you should be able to ignore you seeing the
  transcription show up at the bottom of your screen.
Heather Vescent:  No I'm not well I see it in the chat.
Manu Sporny:  Okay there's also a it'll do it live as people are
  talkin and autocorrect only for admins it's weird I don't know I
  don't understand what the settings I don't understand why they
  decide to do it this way but Heather or Mike if you're logged in
  as a Deadman you might be able to go to the... Menu in the middle
  bottom of the screen and then click on cuz closed captions.
Manu Sporny:  Is that.
Heather Vescent:  I don't see closed captions on my I mean I'm on
Heather Vescent:  Goat Island View.
Manu Sporny:  It's not showing you as an admin's hold on one
  second let me Grant moderator rights to you Heather I don't know
Heather Vescent:  I mean I logged I login for authenticate.
Heather Vescent:  Owen Elsa's I'm a moderate but.
<rgrant> I previously had problems on MacOS Google Chrome, and
  now things are fine.  Version 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build)
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> making the guest each week moderator
  might be handy?
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Manu Sporny:  Subtitles again.
Manu Sporny:  Can you hear me Heather.
Heather Vescent:  Oh yes I can hear you.
Manu Sporny:  Okay.
Rgrant_:)_Ryan_Grant: I think we can all hear you why do you
  think your kicked.
Manu Sporny:  Well I was kicked I got I got I got the blank
  screen for or I order disconnected for some reason it goes Mike.
Manu Sporny:  But Heather sordid man I'm still in so Heather I
  think what happens is the so they order transcript everyone can
  see the auto transcription in the chat Channel.
  transcriber's punctuation leaves much to be desired. machine
  transcripts are going to need more careful review before minutes
  commit/ratification than human scribing.
Manu Sporny:  So if you eat a little say transcriber kolin and
  then what the person said but if you are a moderator and you
  actually start the call you will be able to see the transcription
  in real time.
Heather Vescent:  Okay.
Manu Sporny:  I like it doesn't it doesn't really matter on just
  letting you know like the next time you started calling you do is
  it just the next time you start a call all this text will start
  appearing at the bottom of your screen.
Manu Sporny:  Which is what people are saying.
<mprorock> i have been kicked twice fyi - maybe internet
  flakiness, not sure
Heather Vescent:  Oh okay great great like maybe a little bit
  like maybe a person who turns on is the only person who can see
  it maybe.
<rgrant_(ryan_grant)> I like the post-grammatical transcription
  style.  "your kicked"  It's totally with the times!
Manu Sporny:  Yeah I think that's probably it Mike I got kicked
  too and I got kicked the second I made you in a minute for some
Mike Prorock:  Yeah I got kicked about 3 seconds I bet that's
  actually when I got kicked as well till shortly after logging and
  so I think that there might be a bugbear.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Mike's just
  not allowed to be an admin.
Manu Sporny:  Okay.
Mike Prorock:  Thank God.
<david_lehn> test
Heather Vescent:  Ted will make you admin watch out.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): I triple dog
  dare you.
Rgrant_:)_Ryan_Grant: Bigger threat Heather.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> yowza
Heather Vescent:  Do you know me.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> maybe someone could screenshare for a
Manu Sporny:  Okay I mean it looks like everything is working
  olme check load on the system just to make sure we're not yeah
  load seems to be loads less than it used to be load used to be at
  4 its at 2 now so ready for whatever improvements they made their
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): The real test
  is going to be somebody sharing a slideshow.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> yeah, exactly
<david_lehn_<script>alert('hi!');</script>> test
Manu Sporny:  Let's do that then so let me try and get some ccgs
  or anyone else can do that.
Mike Prorock:  I'm firing one up.
<rgrant_(ryan_grant)> /s/Bigger/that's a pretty good/
Heather Vescent:  Oh we can pull up anything out in the
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> as i remember there was a memory leak
  or something cumulative when someone shares hi-rez over time
Heather Vescent:  TPAC final.
Heather Vescent:  Let me see if I can screenshot.
<mahmoud> any updates on the chrome issue?
Manu Sporny:  I can see that.
<mahmoud> is it still bugged?
Manu Sporny:  Autocenters correctly now instead of the chat
  Channel being all funky.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> it works for a few of us! i'm on chrome
Manu Sporny:  At least for me.
Manu Sporny:  So yeah Heather I can see that it's coming through
  it pretty fast like 30 frames a second.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> yeah looks really great
Mike Prorock:  Don't see what happens if we fire two up.
<phil_l_(p1)> Yes - it autocenters for me, as well. Good fix.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Looks.
Rgrant_:)_Ryan_Grant: Pelican split.
Heather Vescent:  Other folks you want to try men are you able to
  see it.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> all engines go, captain!
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): It's there it
  is spiking CPU not quite as bad as before.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): I'm at 2/3
  load now instead of the usual 90.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Manos this enabled for all of the calls or
  is this just for this call.
Manu Sporny:  Except it's every every call so every scheduled
  call so interest us alright.
<rgrant_(ryan_grant)> /s/Pelican split/yeah we can see it/
Manu Sporny:  He has it the weekly call has it education has it
  be Capi has it if somebody wants this setup for them just let me
  know and I can I can set it up it's easy.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Okay and for the transcriber how I'm sorry I
  came a little bit late I don't know if you mention already how do
  I start the stuff.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Aristotle.
Manu Sporny:  All you do is you click you all you do is you click
Manu Sporny:  It's like just like you were before it it'll Auto
  it'll Auto record you can turn the transcriber on and off so you
  have to be an admin that's one thing but you couldn't I don't
  think you can record if you wanted men already so you login
  innocent men you click start recording and then the transcriber
  will oughta join the thing you have to remember to do at the end
  of the call is stopped the transcriber and then stop recording
  you need to do both things for whatever reason it doesn't
  automatically stop transcribing the other option that you have is
  you can start the transcriber independently of recording so if
  you don't want to record like if you don't want to do video or
  audio recording but she still want to have a meeting and you want
  somebody to you know type what everyone's saying you can just
  invite the transcriber in by clicking on closed captions.
<mahmoud> any way we can correct transcripts by the transcriber?
Manu Sporny:   So there's the in the little.. Menu at the bottom.
Manu Sporny:   If you click that in your admitting they'll be a
  start subtitles and it stopped subtitles selection you just
  clicked start subtitles.
Manu Sporny:  Driver will join.
Manu Sporny:  I know that was like a crazy amount of info sorry
  Mama did what I said make sense.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Anyway to correct like the transcriber
  record for example I didn't say Aristotle earlier but.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> I'll Aristotle you!
Manu Sporny:  It's so this it's it's a little janky like this is
  a computer trying to understand human speech and it's totally
  untrained and I turned logging-in audit training off so we could
  get better results if we'd allow Google to learn all of our
  voices but I didn't want to just start off with that because I
  know some people are sensitive to having voice models created of
  their voice right so we have that turned off which means it's
  less accurate.
Manu Sporny:  So.
Heather Vescent:  Money.
<mprorock> yeah, that would be an opt in on this community i
  think, even though they are doing it anyways
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  No.
Manu Sporny:  If you want to fix something you do it in the same
  way as you did before you would go into the log file you to edit
  it and you'd upload it but I don't think the I don't think the
  traceability folks have been doing that right there raw logs for
  everything you've been doing and wrong video but I don't think
  you guys have been uploading.
Mike Prorock:  Crack we just been doing her all logging.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> and minutes, right?
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> like, high-level notes?
Manu Sporny:  So you go in and fix the rollag like Mike has
  access to that that's not a oh there's sorry I'm jumping all over
  the place there's another thing that we did.
Manu Sporny:  Show The Scribe tool.
<tallted_//_ted_thibodeau_(he/him)_(openlinksw.com)> this is
Manu Sporny:  Let me do a screen share here.
Manu Sporny:  And have you all seen this.
Manu Sporny: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/scribe-tool/
Heather Vescent:  My best friend Manu.
Manu Sporny:  How old is Lauren the chat Channel describe.
Manu Sporny:  Tool now allows you to like select a meeting like
  right now we're having the weekly meeting and then if I just
  checked like today can I click retrieve raw logs.
Manu Sporny:  We'll just put this at the meeting we're having
  right now.
Manu Sporny:  And it's pulled in everything that's happened today
  in my mood if you wanted to change things like your.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Change the sentence please.
Manu Sporny:  Fine okay.
Manu Sporny:  So I've got to retrieve change the sentence please
  okay so I'm going to read retrieve the wrongs and then.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  I mainly copy this into a text file and make
  changes in the text file, and then double check from there.
  [scribe assist by Heather Vescent]
Manu Sporny:  This is why is kind of crappy so I'm going to put
  but if I go down to the bottom so there's change this sentence
  please so I can do change the sentence to something else and then
  see how it updated here.
Manu Sporny:  Again like this isn't this is just a working copy
  you have to commit to get hub for it to actually work so I'm
  sorry go ahead.
Heather Vescent:  I have a question if you're actually doing like
  the editing and real-time like you're doing here does it stick.
<tallted_//_ted_thibodeau_(he/him)_(openlinksw.com)> s/read
  retrieve the wrongs/re-retrieve the logs/
Heather Vescent:  Yeah yeah yeah yeah I know yeah I do not.
Manu Sporny:  No it doesn't you have that you have to basically
  copy this here see this copy thing you got a copy it and then put
  it into the meeting minutes and get Hub that's it's manual right
  now and I think it would be so awesome if it would just
  automatically do it it's just someone's got to write the code to
  do that it's not hard and we're set up to do that now.
Manu Sporny:  Funny had some.
Manu Sporny:  Thailand holidays.
Heather Vescent:  Thailand.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Thailand August.
Manu Sporny:  Did that.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): The old the
  old fashions.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> s/
Manu Sporny:  Sorry say that again Ted.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Whatever will
  work he said having done some to the old-fashioned /
  substitutions still work.
Manu Sporny:  So funny story The old-style s / substitutions for
  the ccg have always been me or somebody else.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> it me
Manu Sporny:  Pencil Mechanical Turk.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> mechanical argentine
<heather_vescent> it's the person who does the minutes. It just
  makes it easy to find.
Manu Sporny:  We just went in and clean them up after people did
  it we should we should add that commands Ted because if we do
  that then people can just do those types of I think it would be
  more useful without a transcription now to do that.
Manu Sporny:  So.
<mahmoud> yeah probably best
Manu Sporny:  It implemented it's not a hard thing to do I know
  that Charles has been hacking on the CT pot as well and he's done
  a great job like he's there they're new poles that we have here
  and he's doing a bunch of work behind the scenes to create a poll
  sorry Bridge polin Darcy and Gypsy and all that kind of stuff so
  he knows how to do that kind of development we could ask him to
  do it I can do it the next time I've got a break.
Manu Sporny:  That's alright long story short Ted.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> it DOES give us something easy to
Manu Sporny:  Those commands never worked it was always a human
  being implementing them but we really should Implement those so
  that the Scribe thing does it so that all people need to do is DS
  / stuff so anyone can do it.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Yeah there's
  going to need to be a chunk done or just looking at write any of
  your paragraphs here there's zero punctuation between the start
  and end of a paragraph.
Manu Sporny:  Yep.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): And that's
  going to be painful even if you're doing your own s
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> can't turn on?
Manu Sporny:  Yep yeah there's there's a feature that we can't
  turn on with Google's speech-to-text through getsy that tries to
  guess where the punctuation should go and it's somewhat decent
  but we just don't have access to it.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> because unpaid or because unmodeled?
Mike Prorock:  Yeah I was going to say we're definitely using
  that model in conjunction with azerrz model and getting really
  good punctuation stuff in a lot of the data we process that's
  coming in like instructor text on stuff but but yeah.
Manu Sporny:  Yeah I mean all these things are doable it's just
  we're trying to stick to a vanilla jitsi install so so that the
  you know the infrastructure folks don't have even more to
<mahmoud> I think it woudl be fine if we have the s sub setup
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Yeah we're
  telling is a great thing.
Manu Sporny:  Say I totally hear you Todd there did say I mean
  like the other dream now is we are set up to do auto publication
  of minutes if we want to but Auto publication of Auto
  transcription isn't crate I mean it's fine you know like nobody's
  driving right now and we're getting a lot of it but didn't you go
  back and reread it sometimes you're like their English words on
  the screen I can't quite understand what they're saying right
Manu Sporny:  So did the other dream of courses to shove it into
  like a Google doc or markdown document that everyone can edit and
  at the end of the meeting we pull the final minutes from that
  markdown document or the Google Doc that everyone's edited.
<tallted_//_ted_thibodeau_(he/him)_(openlinksw.com)> s/we're
  telling is/word salad is/
Manu Sporny:  Like the next-generation know that we can do if
  people like the transcription stuff in one move on it.
Manu Sporny:  So maybe in the meantime Ted maybe the right thing
  to do is like let's get the S stuff working that's like 15
  minutes to implement feature deploy that in that should hopefully
  address a decent bit of the weird words that are being injected
  like Google speech-to-text.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): What's the
  what's the Flo from here and a lot of other groups are doing like
  pull requests to their minutes repo.
Manu Sporny:  Yep.
Manu Sporny:  That is the workflow.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): That's where
  this is going then it allows us to do the clean up later if
  that's not our work still so yeah.
Mike Prorock:  Yeah.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): That should
  be sufficient that'll let us clean up a lot of things without
  much news.
Manu Sporny:  Yes.
Mike Prorock:  Yeah cuz then anyone at will and I think honestly
  from a practical like his there's always this balance between
  like overhead and the management stuff like that I think their
Mike Prorock:  Finish with transcription and you want to go in
  and do this you no go right here and you'd hope especially now
  that there's the inline.
Mike Prorock:  You know editor writer GitHub it makes it
  accessible like before it was forcing like you actually have the
  whole repo out everything else and running a normal.
Mike Prorock:  But the fact that it's a control issue a PR on it
  that might be the way that just handle it from a clean
Mike Prorock:  It might be okay.
Mike Prorock:  Right.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): I'm a little
  worried about the edit the IRC log and there's some degree of
  that that's always been done but it's been fairly limited and I
  think typically done by staff contact so you know we're only
  changing things that this really shouldn't have been in the
  minutes for whatever reason.
Mike Prorock:  Yeah yeah was off. You know couldn't Your Mark is
  off topic or off record etcetera right.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Yeah but
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): That'd be a
  concerned with.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> right
Mike Prorock:  Yeah and that's why I think as long as it's going
  like the fpr's then I think it's okay because you could see like
  oh yes.
Mike Prorock:  Edison Public Announcement.
Mike Prorock:  You know unless you've noted otherwise while
  that's it this is some great transcription Edison Public
Mike Prorock:  But I think we can work work through it ultimately
  I am definitely in the main worker and I'm engaged in I'm just
  seeing a lot more of like just zoom with their Auto transcription
  or whatever all the transcription service or minutes frankly.
Mike Prorock:  Write very few groups and go through to the level
  of depth that we go through with the ministry inscription here
Mike Prorock:  Go back and review.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> and CTRL-F
Manu Sporny:  Okay well so so we just to be clear Ted we always
  have the raw stuff that's never deleted from the server.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> the raw video and the raw logs are in
  github-- i sometimes CTRL-F the emails and listen to the audio if
  a very sensitive or vaguely-transcribed topic was minuted
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Sure.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): I think my
  concern was just that edit tool that you were just playing with.
Manu Sporny:  So the raw RC long raw video in raw adios always on
  the server and always will be there the stuff that we publish we
  have the ability to strike certain things from but but honestly
  like as Mike said we've told people we're recording the call
  Audio videos corded transcriptions done so it's best just not to
  say anything you want say publicly on these calls that that's
  certainly different for working group calls but you know you're
  trying to be open and transparent as we can here.
Manu Sporny:  Oh that yeah and you can.
Manu Sporny:  Dad.
Manu Sporny:  The tool Amy chair again this attitude here is is
  only works with a local working copy it never changes.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Okay.
Manu Sporny:  Server it pulls the stuff down from the server and
  you locally edited here and if you want this to actually be
  published you have to go and commit it to get hub.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Got it okay.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): I like that
  12 copies of fine okay.
Manu Sporny:  So there's a there's a record of who changed in
Manu Sporny:  I get horny one copy.
Manu Sporny:  Are we can retrieve the Nero logs.
Manu Sporny:  Okay I think that's it. So this is a good visit SOI
  has anyone not been able to say something to test their audio yet
  I can confirm real quick.
Manu Sporny:  Anybody wants to say something.
Nick_Meyne: Hello this looks great.
Manu Sporny:  Awesome Archie neckline clear.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> :D
David Chadwick:  Happy New Year from the UK this is David.
Manu Sporny:  Hey David I heard you loud and clear.
Nick_Meyne: Hey David Happy New Year.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): I look
  forward to Eastern European accents.
<juancaballero> unless we had a lot of guests
<juancaballero> from one language?
Mike Prorock:  Now this is awesome and thanks for the work over
  the break there.
Manu Sporny:  We can actually do the I mean not that we would do
  this but you can also do auto translation so you can have you can
  speak in English and have it automatically translated to you know
  different languages on the fly if we wanted to we're not going to
  do that clearly but you know it's kind of neat alright that's it
  everyone thinks so much good one.
<juancaballero> and wanted to offer them subtitles?
<mahmoud> ABSOLUTELY
<juancaballero> 🎉
<mprorock> mega cheers!
<nick_meyne> Fantastic work here!
Heather Vescent:  I just bought before we all leave I just want
  to like to have a moment of Applause for Maddie or since he has
  supported the infrastructure of the ccg as long as I can remember
  me part of it and that you spent time couple days at least over
  the holidays you know when you could have been doing other things
  so thank you.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> +100
David Chadwick:  Yes agreed.
<mahmoud> thanks manu
Manu Sporny:  80 Heather thanks all all all always happy.
Manu Sporny:  Thanks I'll have a good one.
Mike Prorock:  Awesome stay home.
Heather Vescent:  Thank you guys next week.
Kayode Ezike: :Clap:
David I. Lehn: :Innocent: :scream:
<juancaballero> ^LOL
David I. Lehn: :Beer:
<david_lehn> i created a poll... no one answered it
<heather_vescent> Yeah, doesns't do that for me either.

-- manu

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