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VC for Education Task Force Transcript for 2022-05-23

  1. IP Note
  2. Call Notes
  3. Introductions and Reintroductions 
  4. Announcements and Reminders 
  5. Main Topic - Community showcase: Diwala
  Our Robot Overlords
  Simone Ravaoli, Nis Jespersen , Dr. Mattia Zago '96 Monokee, 
  JeffO Real-IT, Nate Otto, Phil L (P1), Snorre Lothar von Gohren 
  Edwin, Rebecca Busacca, Jim Kelly, Mahesh Balan - pocketcred.com, 
  Marty Reed, Charles E. Lehner, John Kuo, Kayode Ezike, Kimberly 
  Linson, Eric Vinton, Dmitri Zagidulin, Harrison Tang, Frank, 
  Geun-Hyung, Kaliya Young, Andy Miller, Taylor (LEF), Deepak 
  Kulkarni, Jim Goodell

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Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): And we are ready to go good morning 
  good afternoon everyone.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): May 23rd and we're having our weekly 
  verifiable credentials for Education task force meeting as always 
  we have one of the co-chair moderating and typically we have 
  focused agenda item as well as some additional Community 
  discussion before we get into that.

Topic: IP Note

Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Let me go through the IP notes that 
  we have.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): So as you know anyone can participate 
  to our calls however to be a contributor to any credentials 
  community group work items you need to be a member of ccg and 
  have a full a PR agreement signed in a member is very easy you 
  just need a w3c account which you can get online and review the 
  contribute to license agreement there the links are provided with 
  the agenda and you should have received it already.

Topic: Call Notes

Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): The MIT the this the meeting minutes 
  are taken automatically my a bot that were Overlord but we also 
  have an audio recording of everything that is said in the skulls 
  are archived online to queue up speakers you could raise your 
  hand or at q+ to the chat that will put you in the queue and when 
  you're done talking or if you want to remove yourself from the 
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary):  it's q-.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): All right just remember to be brief 
  and concise that we all have time to contribute.

Topic: Introductions and Reintroductions 

Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): So moving to our usual introduction 
  and reintroduction wondering if there's anyone on the call that 
  want to jump on and introduce themselves or introduce themselves 
  please anyone.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): All right I yes.
Frank: I'm trying to see it's Frank here I invited one of my 
  folks Tim are you on time.
Frank: See her okay sorry about that everybody I thought he was 
  on it's one of my Engineers he'll be joining the w3c work so but 
  I don't see him yet okay sorry thank you.

Topic: Announcements and Reminders 

Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): That's something I think there will 
  be time for some discussion and the lovely 15 joints you can see 
  you can introduce himself later thanks for that all right so 
  let's say we go to announcement and reminders well I guess a big 
  reminder from from us the plugfest planning is in full swing we 
  had a kickoff call with the.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary):  board Plus.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Some of the the recording is already 
  available and there are a number of next steps that you know 
  we're happy to go through eventually I let her down during the 
  call or just host a bit more of a discussion on plugfest 
  outstanding question any other announcements or reminders that 
  anyone has wants to share this is a good time to.

Topic: Main Topic - Community showcase: Diwala

Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): All right you're in on so let's move 
  forward and go into the main topic for today which is a 
  conversation or a chat with snow der city of the Walla one of the 
  work crew members and I guess we invited them to just share what 
  they're working on it the Walla and how the work that you're 
  doing contribute or is referencing stop that we do here so.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary):  so very.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): To have story join us and I'll just 
  give the floor to you snore right now he won't come off of you 
  and say I and take it away.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Nate is on the Q thank you.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): Yeah great question sorry I absolutely agree 
  with you and your your take that this is the what is known to the 
  market and a lot I think a lot of the other players have done 
  similar research as what you've shown there in those screenshots 
  seeing the state of the art for how credentials are presented 
  url-based sharing of a hosted credential is definitely the state 
  of the art and people have maybe been a.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): You turn over the Rock and see what's under 
  there and see like what the actual like crust chain is between 
  issuer platform recipient holder and verify her and to be able to 
  actually like do some some work to make that trust chain visible 
  and deliver you X that is a little bit more hardened against 
  various different impersonation attacks that might occur often.
Nate_Otto_(he/him):  and we're relying a lot on the brain.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): At the very top left of the screen that this 
  brand is certifying that the credential that you're looking at is 
<identity_woman> are you working with the Yoma folks?
Nate_Otto_(he/him): Yeah I mean it is worth noting this model is 
  working fine in the market there is not much impersonation that 
  we've been able to detect out there right now but that doesn't 
  mean that once badge has become or and these types of credentials 
  become more accepted for employment and other high-value kind of 
  exchange that we won't see problems like that and attackers 
  spring up.
Nate_Otto_(he/him):  take advantage of that opportunity.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Sr a quick question from Kelly and 
  the chat are you working with Yoma Yama project.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Can you maybe just share quickly you 
  know what your mother has or what it is just for maybe the 
  benefit of everyone very quickly.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Thank you for that clarification 
  Demetria has a question for you thank you thank you for for being 
  patient go ahead.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  No problem thanks Simoni so first of all 
  snoring I wanted to say thank you so much for coming to the Colin 
  and sharing your work with us this is really interesting and I 
  think you're asking all the right questions about the recitation 
  screen so the DC team digital credentials Consortium at MIT is 
  working on similar flows as well so we're we're coming up against 
  some more questions so the two things I want to.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Ask you is.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  So in my personal view the.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  The crypto the cryptographic chain of 
  Transport that's easy right hour.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Establishing the root of trust from the issuer 
  to the credential and whether or not it's a static bragging page 
  or with additional API that allows you to request particular 
  credentials like all of that stuff is easy the hard part in my 
  mind is.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  The identity verification right the kyc of 
  both the learner the credential holder and the institution and so 
  my my specific question is have well let's take the easier one of 
  the to the institutional trust the identity verification of the 
  issuer so one of the things that we run into in North America in 
  the United States is that they're generally isn't a single list 
  of accredited.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Universities are learning.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Establishments so one if we wanted that 
  centralized list it's not that easy to get those various 
  associations and government bodies do try to maintain such a list 
  and then you get into the discussions of well who determines what 
  goes on that list and what about non-traditional skilled 
  providers and all of that all very necessary very difficult 
  discussions so what we've ended up having to do for earliest 
  Pilots is just establish trust registry say.
Dmitri Zagidulin:   Saying all right we're gonna have to postpone 
<identity_woman> Identity Verification of the issuer - is solved 
  potentially with the trust registry work that ToIP is doing.  
  Also leveraging existing trust frameworks like InCommon for 
  Higher education
Dmitri Zagidulin:  To solve this universally but for the moment 
  we know that these dids correspond with these universities and so 
  my question to you is has the Wala looked into or started working 
  on trust Registries just literally lists either using the tossed 
  over ID ATI or.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Flat lifts that's why okay these are the 
  issuer's of recognize or is that not even a problem because it's 
  mediated through your platform so it's question 1 question 2 is 
  on the identification of the credential holder side would it help 
  to provide just a tiny bit of biometric data specifically a a 
  photo a photo credential that's bound to the racking page would 
  the addition of.
Dmitri Zagidulin:   That bit of biometric.
<identity_woman> then you get into the problem of meta 
  directorories of trust registries - that is solved with the TRAIN 
  work coming out of ESSIF and being implemented for the first time 
  by the GCCN
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Be worth it in terms of the Privacy trade-off 
  versus the identity verification that you gain that's a thing.
<dmitri_zagidulin> oh that's brilliant. (partnering with a KYC 
  institution like a bank)
<dmitri_zagidulin> @Kaliya - do you have a link to the TRAIN 
Kaliya Young: 
<dmitri_zagidulin> awesome, thank you so much :)
Kaliya Young: https://train.trust-scheme.de/info/
Kaliya Young: https://essif.trust-scheme.de/swagger_train/
<identity_woman> happy to connect you to GCCN folks - John Walker 
  is leading the technical development on that.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  It does thank you so much.
Kaliya Young: 
<identity_woman> the term that some used in CCI work was "proxy 
  issuer" for the role you are talking about
Dmitri Zagidulin:  No that's great that makes a lot of sense.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Sure yeah just just wondering if it would make 
  sense or if it would add any value to add a little bit of 
  biometric binding to the certificate holder in the form of 
  picture would it make sense to issue a pictorial credential that 
  is bound to whatever proof of skill but your purse.
<dmitri_zagidulin> @IdentityWoman - oh that's a great term, 
  "proxy issuer"
<mahesh_balan_-_pocketcred.com> Does Diwala offers both a mobile 
  as well as a cloud wallet for those without a smart phone ?
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Thank you very much snoring thanks so 
  much for the questions I just wanted to flag two things first can 
  he has been sharing some great links and resources and she 
  offered to also put in touch with an organization that may be 
  worthwhile having a chat and then.
Mahesh_Balan_-_pocketcred.com: Thank you so much thank you for 
  that answer.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): - do you have any follow-up comments 
  please go ahead.
Mahesh_Balan_-_pocketcred.com: Yeah the only so have you thought 
  about what kind of web-based infrastructure is it going to be 
  like a browser extension or it's you know like a cloud-based one 
  have you thought about it at that level yet or is it still kind 
  of in design phase.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): I'm Nate go ahead.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): Thanks I wanted a quick question about this 
  credential request workflow you had the drop-down of different 
  types that you talked about briefly because you go into a little 
  bit more detail about like what are the stories that we can can 
  accomplish with by requesting these different types how would you 
  like this to grow over time and specifically we talked a lot 
  about in this we talk a lot in this group about the open badges 
  work that's going on and the use cases.
Nate_Otto_(he/him):  is four.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): Of claiming achievement of a defined 
  achievement you've met the criteria of a particular achievement 
  or credentials about skill where many different issuers might be 
  able to claim that you have this certain skill and those are 
  really useful claim types are claiming stories for the education 
  space how are you hoping to grow this capability over time and 
  you know do you have any interest in.
Nate_Otto_(he/him):  in in being able to like.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): For you learn this particular badge or in 
  this particular skill.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): We're coming up at time sorry I don't 
  know if you want to wrap it up just wanted to make sure we have.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Thank you very much snoring I think 
  thanks for sharing with your working on the challenges and some 
  of the lessons we've learned along the way I think the work 
  you're doing across a European Africa's is it is very important 
  particularly in Africa the the use cases that you have a problem 
  big on issues like the digital divide and Equity those are 
  requirements that are probably more fat than another.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Isis and also.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): When you talk about trusted registry 
  of issuers for example you know Africa fortunes is the continent 
  where most of the diploma as well as volunteers come from so the 
  issue there is particularly felt so going into the verifiable 
  credential Direction and The Trusted registry feels like it's a 
  it's going to be an important problem to solve so thanks a lot 
  for doing that.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): And also great that you are someone 
  else that is connecting across different work groups doing the 
  leading the interop work at death and being here I think this is 
  how we go about trying to build it this for system also thank you 
  for that again.
<identity_woman> where can we learn more about the plugfest?
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Thank you again thank you all right 
  we're almost at the time I just wanted to Circle back and remind 
  the participants that are in the court for the plugfest of the 
  next steps well you should have received an email from Sharon 
  with the recording of Friday's call the next meeting is going to 
  be a spec review meeting and it's Thursday May 26th and 11:00 
  Eastern and just.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): I guess everyone's benefit.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): The hey of plugfest number one is 
  scheduled for June 6 and that is a bit more on the plugfest any 
  questions Around the Clock face please circulating through the 
  mailing lists that you know we can have more efficient 
  conversation there and I'd say that probably wraps it up for 
  today unless we there's someone in the cube.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Kaliya: 
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Let's see Jess and sorry I completely 
  discard a cute man Nate I don't think that was before before but 
  Jeff please.
JeffO_Real-IT: Yeah sorry guys my channels messed up over here 
  thanks though and great presentation store really good to see 
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): All right so I guess probably no one 
  answering the queue.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Am I wrong.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): Sorry go ahead.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): I said not so all right everyone.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Phil Phil if you're speaking you're muted.
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): We cannot hear you feel it's your 
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Alright send email to the mailing list thanks 
Simone_Ravaioli_(Digitary): All right yes thank you very much 
  everyone will see you next Monday.

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