PROPOSED WORK ITEM: DID-Linked Resources Specification

Dear CCG,

The formal new work item proposal is in the GitHub issue below:

We are proposing to establish a new work item focussed on creating a W3C
specification for DID-Linked Resources, which will tie in closely with the
existing DID Resolution spec.

This work aims to create a standardized way of referencing, dereferencing
and fetching digital resources (schemas, trust & status lists, visual
representations of Verifiable Credentials, governance documents, logos).

We aim to achieve this by associating digital resources with Decentralized
Identifiers (DIDs) and organizing in DID-Linked Collections, where each
individual resource is identifiable through its own DID URL.

Previous work on this topic, leading to this new work item:

- (cheqd) Context for DID-Linked Resources
- (cheqd) Technical composition of DID-Linked Resources
- (ToIP) Trust over IP Draft Specification on DID-Linked Resources, to be
superseded by the W3C work item

Looking forward to getting this kicked off!


Alex Tweeddale

Product Manager & Governance Lead

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Received on Wednesday, 7 December 2022 01:54:53 UTC