Re: Authorized Issuer Lists

Weaving in other related projects on this matter happening in the community:

- Trust Registries Spec at the ToIP Foundation -
  - Trust Registry implementation with integration to Verifiable
Credentials -
- TRAIN (TRust mAnagement INfrastructure) at eSSIF-Lab -
- Trust Establishment at DIF (referenced earlier by Daniel)

This topic strikes at the heart of practical applications to ecosystem
governance. While the technical solutions are many, at its simplest form,
the need to maintain a registry of authorized members and express this in
verifiable data will be a very common use case. Would be great to get
community convergence towards a more standardized solution!

On Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 12:35 PM Dmitri Zagidulin <>

> Hi Manu,
> We've definitely hit the need for this (for a registry of trusted issuers)
> in the VC-Edu space. In early Digital Credentials Consortium prototypes,
> we're using a very basic JSON object hosted in the cloud, while the various
> standards and protocols are developing.
> Looking forward to reading this paper!
> On Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 11:19 AM Manu Sporny <>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The topic of "lists of authorized issuers for certain types of
>> credentials" has been floating around the VC community for a few years
>> now. We don't seem to have hit a point where implementers and
>> customers feel they absolutely need the feature, but there has been
>> enough curiosity around it to perhaps have some exploratory technical
>> discussions at some of the upcoming conferences.
>> The basic concept here is: Can a verifier lean on established trust it
>> has in some authority, such as an accreditation body, to get a list of
>> issuers for particular types of credentials? To focus on a use case in
>> education, how would the American Bar Association publish a list of
>> all law schools that it has accredited to issue law degree VCs?
>> The following paper calls for the exploration of the topic, starting
>> at the upcoming RWoT in The Hague (end of September):
>> Thoughts, concerns, and identification of similar work, are all welcome.
>> -- manu
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