C2PA Releases Draft Specification

“Today, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), a Joint Development Foundation project established to scale trust in online content, released its content provenance specifications – in draft form – for community review and feedback. Driven by a commitment to tackle online disinformation, the C2PA’s technical specifications are designed to be an open standard that will allow publishers, creators and consumers to trace the origin and evolution of a piece of media, including images, videos, audio and documents.” – https://c2pa.org/post/draft_1_pr/

The draft specification is available at: https://c2pa.org/public-draft/ .

From the draft specification: “In some use cases, the actors in the system may wish to provide their own W3C Verifiable Credential, as they exist at that moment in time, to the claim generator to have them associated with one or more assertions. These actors may be individuals, groups or organizations.” – https://c2pa.org/public-draft/#_w3c_verifiable_credentials

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Received on Thursday, 2 September 2021 07:33:32 UTC