RE: W3C Credentials CG Call Tues: mobile DL deck

Eight states have publicly signed up to implement early pilots starting now-ish using the Apple wallet at least for secure storage of the mDL. There have to be plans to implement some issuer-to-holder protocols and now would be the time to get the conversation going with the actual implementers and project sponsors to try and influence at least the use of an open protocol.


Do we know any of the following folks? I also have to imagine that either AAMVA or Apple (id/payments) is guiding / coordinating the pilot efforts. Does anyone have contacts at either?

Arizona: Eric Jorgensen, dir Dept of transport motor vehicle division


Georgia: Spencer Moore, commissioner of dept of driver services

Iowa: Melissa Gillett, director motor vehicle division

Kentucky: Matt Cole, commissioner, department of vehicle regulation


Oklahoma: Jerry Moore, CIO

Utah: Jess Anderson, commissioner of dept of public safety




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Thank you to Heather, Mike and Wayne (W3C Co-Chairs) for arranging this briefing.

Thank you to the UL folks for their briefing and their willingness to answer  the questions from the audience. 


This was a very helpful, informative and educational session.


Without getting sidetracked into Standards Politics/Drama, I came away from this session with two specific points as it relates to Interoperability. 


* The interface between the Issuing Authority (“Issuer”) and the Mobile Device (“Holder”) is deliberately out of scope of the ISO/IEC 18913-5 Standard. The impact of this choice is that it provides technology vendors the ability to lock in DMVs into their proprietary provisioning API while implementing this standard. I can foresee a messaging that will revolve around their future support of a future provisioning standard (ISO/IEC TS 23220-3), which will rapidly fall by the wayside of operational realties and budgets  i.e. If a DMV in the future asks them to support that as-yet-undefined-API/Standard, the vendor will almost certainly ask them for additional funding to implement that – with the DMV being loath to do so given that they already have an provisioning API (albeit proprietary) in place – the classic definition of vendor lock-in.
* The ISO standard also deliberately puts out of scope any standardized way to check the revocation / credential status of the mDL. Which means is that each vendor is implementing a proprietary mechanism for doing so that further locks in a DMV to a particular vendor.


At the same time, I saw some potential glimmers of a shared path towards interoperabilty:

* The VC API work that is an approach to a standardized API between an Issuing Authority and a Mobile and between the Mobile Device and the Verifier.
* If you combine the VC API with the “Model 2 Considerations” which speaks to a shared wallet (I have no idea what a “ISO Compliant App” is – so am not using that terminology) that can store both an mDL and a VC, with the VC also able to “Share QR and/or NFC functions” and “Share user interface, secured data storage”, that feels like a narrow path towards a possible interoperable future…



What did I get wrong above?

What did others in the community take away from the presentation?


Best Regards,




Anil John

Technical Director, Silicon Valley Innovation Program 

Science and Technology Directorate 

US Department of Homeland Security 

Washington, DC, USA 


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Thanks to everyone for the engaging call yesterday, attached is the deck Arjan presented. mDL is gaining momentum in the states and while it may take a while to get utility scale coverage for its’ 230M people, it does hold the promise of a being a privacy preserving, portable, cryptographic identity credential that leverages an established and proven identity proofing ecosystem. With aspirations of expanding beyond the core ‘right to drive’ use cases and identity-specific credential issuance I believe ISO’s work could benefit greatly from the advances we are developing that addresses the myriad issues associated with broader use cases and adoption.




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Subject: [Agenda] W3C Credentials CG Call Tues, Oct 5, 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET / 6AM+1 NZDT


TL;DR: An overview of mDL

A few folks from UL have graciously agreed to get the CCG an overview of mDL

Topics Covered and open for discussion:

* the scope of the current ISO standard
* the context for some of the key choices made by the working groups
* the components comprising, and the anticipated challenges of developing, an ecosystem based on the standard
* comments and discussion around potential alignment and/or compatibility with the VC Data Model 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Time: Tuesdays, at 9am PT, Noon ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET / 6AM+1 NZDT
(see: <;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2V2jphUeX$> &p1=tz_pt&p2=tz_et&p3=tz_cest)


If you need this added to your calendar, you may access the CCG Calendar here (which contains times, meeting links, etc): <;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2V4BoK3Le$> 
and in .ics format at the following link: <*;JQ!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2V29iOO1K$> 

Text Chat: <;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2VzJCiJzk$> 
      irc:// <*ccg__;Iw!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2V9DCgMBJ$> 

Jitsi Teleconf: <;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2V_XNgFDS$> 

     US phone: tel:+1.602.932.2243;1

We are working on SIP dial-in and international phone numbers.

Duration: 60 minutes


MEETING MODERATOR: Michael Prorock < <> >
1. Agenda Review (2 minutes)
2. IP Note: (1 minute)
Anyone can participate in these calls. However, all substantive contributors to any CCG Work Items must be members of the CCG with full IPR agreements signed. <;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2V7_bWUv2$> credentials/join
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3. Call Notes (1 minute)
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5. Introductions & Reintroductions (5 minutes --> :11) (see scribe doc for reintroduce column)
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7. Progress on Action Items (5 minutes --> :18) <*3Aopen*is*3Aissue*label*3A*22action*3A*review*next*22__;JSslKyUlJSsrJQ!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!WXXjyHTVfEsFVYF0LcaoQWaoMErTHPdAPAGIyT1k7p-OWtW_QCCbLWl8C1l2V_QdyIzr$> 
8. mDL Presentation 
9. Community discussion and feedback


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