VC-JWT perma-thread (was: Re: RDF Dataset Canonicalization - Formal Proof)

On 3/27/21 11:12 AM, David Chadwick wrote:
> as you know, implementers can use JWT proofs for VCs, and then 
> canonicalisation is not needed.

I hesitate to re-ignite this old flame war again. I'll point to the analysis
that was done by both the pro-JWT and pro-LDS camps here:

> This is a major benefit of using JWS/JWT, as canonicalisation has been 
> fraught with difficulties (as anybody who has worked with XML signatures 
> will know, and discussions in the IETF PKIX group have highlighted).

Anyone who believes that RDF Dataset Canonicalization is the same problem as
XML Canonicalization does not understand the problem space. These are two very
different problem spaces with very different solutions.

-- manu

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