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Good Health Pass Blueprint drafting kicks of Monday

From: Kaliya IDwoman <kaliya-id@identitywoman.net>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021 13:06:39 -0700
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To: Credentials CG <public-credentials@w3.org>

For a year now I been active in and in December began working as the
Ecosystems Director of the Covid-19 Credentials Initiative

I’m writing to share with you an opportunity to contribute to work that is
developing around technical, legal and other governance issues around
credentials related to COVID-19 test results and vaccine certificates.

Technical communities have been working to figure out how to make all this
work while at the same time addressing critical rights issues.  The Good
Health Pass Collaborative published these principles
and is the next step in their process to develop a Blueprint for how to get
things to work in the real world.

They have written an outline of the blueprint
named 8 challenges that need to be addressed.  They have decided to convene
a drafting effort with the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health
Pass <https://wiki.trustoverip.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=73790> ,
within the ToIP Foundation, that is under the Joint Development Foundation
that is itself part of Linux Foundation.  (yes that is a lot of nesting).
I will am being nominated as co-chair of this group along with Rebecca
Distler who is with ID2020.

This is from the charter

Solve the following eight major interoperability challenges in order to
produce an interoperability blueprint for digital health credentials and


   Paper Based Credentials

   Consistent User Experience

   Standard Data Models and Elements

   Credential Formats, Signatures, and Exchange Protocols

   Security, Privacy, and Data Protection

   Trust Registries

   Rules Engines

   Identity Binding

Our kickoff meeting is Monday at 7am pacific and another one at 5pm pacific
(Tuesday morning APAC times). You can see it on their calendar here
<https://wiki.trustoverip.org/display/HOME/Calendar+of+ToIP+Meetings> -
along with zoom info if you want to join as a participant - to actually
actively participate in the working group you have to “join” and sign the
formal agreements to do so.

There are a few hoops to doing so all of which are entirely free of charge.
Like much of the work done amongst companies on open standards -
Intellectual Property Rights becomes a concern so that the end results are
usable by anyone without worry about infringement. So there are a bunch of
legal agreements you need to sign to join the group - and the reason for
this is big companies protecting themselves from each other. The written
document outputs of the group will be creative commons licensed. I wrote this
blog pots about IPR
and why it matters if you are still wondering what all that stuff is about.

So here are the hoops.

Preview of membership documents: For a preview of the membership agreement,
you can go here

Follow the steps outlined below (though these steps reference
"organizations" they apply equally to individual members) :

If your organization is NOT an existing ToIP member, first join the ToIP
Foundation through the docusign here
as at least a Contributing Member.

There is no membership fee associated with joining as a Contributing
Member. Your organization can join as a Steering Member or Associate
Member, but there are membership fees associated with joining at those

After your organization has joined the ToIP Foundation, please proceed to
Step 2.

2. Please have your organization execute the following form here
to join the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass.

Questions about ToIP membership: Please reach out directly to David Luchuk,
ToIP's Program Manager.

Any questions about this invitation or CCI I’m happy to answer them.


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