DHS/SVIP Interoperability Plug-Fest 2 : Features Under Test ...

Hello VC/DID Ecosystem & Community,

The W3C/CCG Community and the DIF have been very supportive in concretely and truly making true interoperability a priority in the VC/DID ecosystem. In the spirit of keeping the community updated on the work that DHS/SVIP has been doing in this area, I wanted to share an update about what has been accomplished, what is under flight, and what still remains.

As you know, we had our first Interop plug-fest last year in May 2020, which was a heavy lift for our portfolio companies -- To be blunt, while there was a lot of hand-waving on interop, that was the first time anyone had demonstrated any manner of concrete cross-vendor / cross-platform interop in the VC/DID community.

We demonstrated that interoperability across the following “feature-sets”:

  *   JSON-LD
  *   Linked Data Signatures
  *   DID Resolution
  *   VC-HTTP-API - https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api<https://urldefense.us/v3/__https:/github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api__;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!RyyxjHq5rUhrgW0clLNiLoWXAojoBKheYTLIEozSCJE8aiI5A5DOpT7xcr0F9SiEijeX$>
  *   Verifiable Presentation Request - https://w3c-ccg.github.io/vp-request-spec/<https://urldefense.us/v3/__https:/w3c-ccg.github.io/vp-request-spec/__;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!RyyxjHq5rUhrgW0clLNiLoWXAojoBKheYTLIEozSCJE8aiI5A5DOpT7xcr0F9R4t6haf$>
  *   Citizenship Vocabulary - https://w3c-ccg.github.io/citizenship-vocab/<https://urldefense.us/v3/__https:/w3c-ccg.github.io/citizenship-vocab/__;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!RyyxjHq5rUhrgW0clLNiLoWXAojoBKheYTLIEozSCJE8aiI5A5DOpT7xcr0F9UIgB91z$>
  *   Issuer support for multiple mobile/web wallets
  *   Verifier support for multiple mobile/web wallets
  *   CHAPI support for mobile/web based wallets

We will be conducting our Plug Fest 2, later this month, where we are testing interoperability across the following feature-sets:

  *   [Everything Tested in Plug Fest 1] << Because we don’t want anything to drop out!
  *   Traceability Vocabulary - https://w3c-ccg.github.io/traceability-vocab/<https://urldefense.us/v3/__https:/w3c-ccg.github.io/traceability-vocab/__;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!RyyxjHq5rUhrgW0clLNiLoWXAojoBKheYTLIEozSCJE8aiI5A5DOpT7xcr0F9Xo0Zdt2$>
  *   Vaccination Certificate Vocabulary - https://w3id.org/vaccination<https://urldefense.us/v3/__https:/w3id.org/vaccination__;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!RyyxjHq5rUhrgW0clLNiLoWXAojoBKheYTLIEozSCJE8aiI5A5DOpT7xcr0F9W9iRHNb$>
  *   FIPS Compliant Cryptographic Primitives
  *   VC Aggregation and Presentation using Verifiable Presentation (VP)
  *   VC Revocation with Herd Privacy
  *   did:web to represent Issuers Only
  *   VP Support for selective disclosure using BBS+ Signatures

Because the feature-sets were complex, it took some careful thinking and even more critical implementations by the portfolio companies to move from Plug-Fest 1 to be ready for our upcoming Plug-Fest 2. What is good is that we are now in a place where a common and full level of functionality exists that we feel can serve as the foundation of any enterprise implementation where the enterprise does not wish to buy into the ‘one ring to bind them all’ philosophy.

Going forward, we expect to have the plug-fests happen on a faster cadence, with shorter timelines between them, with a smaller set of features under test (perhaps even a single critical feature). That allows members of our cohort, based on the industry verticals or use cases they are focused on, to prioritize what new features they support and when, and also the ability to work on community plug-fests that can test a particular feature-set without the community implementer having to buy into a more complex feature-set.

As always, all of the artifacts, tool chains and test suites that we are using and contributing to remains under the purview of the W3C/CCG to support the broader community on the journey to true interoperability. We look forward to and would welcome community contributions to them in order to ensure the work truly benefits the community!

Best Regards,


Anil John
Technical Director, Silicon Valley Innovation Program
Science and Technology Directorate
US Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC, USA

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