[MINUTES] W3C CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Call - 2021-08-16 12pm ET

Thanks to Marty Reed for scribing this week! The minutes
for this week's CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force telecon are now available:


Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).

CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Telecon Minutes for 2021-08-16

  1. 0. Moderator: Start Recording
  2. 1. Agenda Review
  3. 2. IP Note
  4. 3. Call Notes
  5. 4. Scribe Selection
  6. 5. Introductions & Reintroductions
  7. 6 Update on Open Badges Alignment with VCs 
  Kerri Lemoie
  Marty Reed
  Balazs, Kerri Lemoie, Tzviya Siegman, Marty Reed, Stuart Freeman, 
  Nate Otto, Steve Gance, Taylor Kendall, Keith Kowal, Dmitri 
  Zagidulin, Sheryl, Kayode Ezike, David Ward, Bob Wyman, Colin 
  Reynolds, Learning Economy

Topic: 0. Moderator: Start Recording

Topic: 1. Agenda Review

Topic: 2. IP Note

Kerri Lemoie: https://www.w3.org/community/credentials/join

Topic: 3. Call Notes

Kerri Lemoie: http://irc.w3.org/?channels=ccg
Kerri Lemoie: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/

Topic: 4. Scribe Selection

Marty Reed is scribing.

Topic: 5. Introductions & Reintroductions

KL: anyone new to the call or want to re-intro?

Topic: 6 Update on Open Badges Alignment with VCs 

Marty Reed:  Rough proposal for CLR to accommodate VC [scribe 
  assist by Kerri Lemoie]
Marty Reed:  Not public yet [scribe assist by Kerri Lemoie]
KL: update on VCs and 2 IMS specs, OB and CLR
KL: proposal has been made to OB workgroup for OB 3.0 alignment 
  to VC
Kerri Lemoie: 
KL: updates made to proposal based on feedback from workgroup
KL: pushback from CLR to align both specs with VC
KL: 2 charters to align achievements and assertions with VC.
KL: 2 new project groups will be formed there
MR: CLR will be on similar timeframe.
KL: Chairs for VC-EDU will reconvene in the coming week.
KL: updates to proposal for OB 3.0, add to Design Goals, Mapping 
  skills and Additional Terms for achievement, assertion and 
KL: update to proposal: hasCredential replaced with achievement 
  and achievement properties
KL: github has all difs
KL: next steps for VC-EDU workgroup, Data Model recommendation, 
  complex credentials, evidence, verifiable presentations
<dmitri_zagidulin> Kerri - I'd love to help, with that data model 
Kerri Lemoie: 
KL: spreadsheet aligns OB CLR
NO: need to transition how we work next and where the discussion 
  should go next, align use cases
NO: what partnerships are available, what DID methods, other 
  layers of the text stack
Tech stack
KL: need to make sure this group is not just about OB
KL: particularly exchanges
Keith Kowal:  Q-use of types?
Keith Kowal:  How does the conversation evolve around types?
KL: need to do more research on types
KL: OB types discussion difficult a few years ago
NO: this group is open where we can submit these ideas and other 
  properties and use cases outside OB and CLR
NO: history over time around types and did not get agreement
NO: currently OB has good coverage in North American centric 
Kerri Lemoie: https://credreg.net/ctdl/terms
NO: credential engine has good accomodations for types
Marty Reed:  In complex credentials looked at diploma supplement 
  - have some non-north america-centric typein thatw ork group. 
  [scribe assist by Kerri Lemoie]
KL: agenda for next Monday is open
MR: good time, but second NO on sending out a doodle
KL: close meeting

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