Re: language matters [formerly Re: WoN Re: Public consultation on EU digital principles]

On 8/13/21 11:47 AM, Brent Zundel wrote:
> I would like to echo Orie and also add my encouragement that we avoid using
> the terms blacklist and whitelist and replace them with denylist and 
> allowlist.


I'm also supportive of Orie's and Brent's encouragement to the group to move
away from these terms.

I know that I have personally cringed for years when hearing people use the
language but never really felt empowered to speak up about it. So, I'm
thankful to Orie and Brent for broaching the topic.

If the move away from blacklist/whitelist and master/slave in the tech
industry is a new concept to you, this article might be helpful:

-- manu

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