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language matters [formerly Re: WoN Re: Public consultation on EU digital principles]

From: Brent Zundel <brent.zundel@evernym.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 09:47:07 -0600
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I would like to echo Orie and also add my encouragement that we avoid using
the terms blacklist and whitelist and replace them with denylist and

Language matters. My hope is that folks will try to be careful with their
language. Making this small change could have more of an impact than you

There are a good number of non-native english speakers for whom the meaning
of whitelist and blacklist is not clear the way the meaning of allowlist
and denylist is.

There is also the issue with whitelist and blacklist that they are based on
the notion that white is good, while black is bad. I am not saying that
those who use blacklist and whitelist are biased in their views. I do not
believe that this is true at all. But the words themselves are based on a
biased notion which we would do well to not perpetuate, especially when we
have a viable alternative.

Brent Zundel, Evernym
Principle Cryptography Engineer
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