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Re: [Agenda] W3C Credentials CG Call Tues, Aug 3, 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET / 6AM+1 NZDT

From: Wayne Chang <wyc@fastmail.fm>
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 21:20:52 -0400
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To: "W3C Credentials CG" <public-credentials@w3.org>
Cc: "Juan Caballero" <juan.caballero@spruceid.com>
Some corrections to this agenda:

Date: August 3rd, 2021
Time: Tuesdays, at 9am PT, Noon ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET / 6AM+1 NZDT
(see: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210803T160000&p1=tz_pt&p2=tz_et&p3=tz_cest&p4=tz_bst) [correction from 2021/07/20 in the link]

Moderator: Wayne Chang <wyc@fastmail.fm> [correction from Mike Prorock]

Looking forward to discussing what is considered on-topic for CCG work items, continuing the chat from last week!

Thank you to my co-chair Heather for the catch.

- Wayne

On Mon, Aug 2, 2021, at 2:31 PM, Juan Caballero wrote:
> TL;DR: Forum for CCG Scope, Work Item boundaries, and Future Themes
> 1. Mike Prorock: Target-state Themes and Goals for CCG
> 2. Open discussion about work items and "scope" for the CCG
> 3. Announcements from the community
> 4. Open Q&A 
> Tuesday, Aug 3rd 2021
> Time: Tuesdays, at 9am PT, Noon ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET / 6AM+1 NZDT
> (see: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210720T160000&p1=tz_pt&p2=tz_et&p3=tz_cest&p4=tz_bst)
> Text Chat:
>       http://irc.w3.org/?channels=ccg
>       irc://irc.w3.org:6665/#ccg
> Jitsi Teleconf:
>       https://meet.w3c-ccg.org/weekly
> Voice:
>      US phone: tel:+1.602.932.2243;1
> We are working on SIP dial-in and international phone numbers.
> Duration: 60 minutes
> https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/
> MEETING MODERATOR: Michael Prorock <mprorock@mesur.io>
> 1. Agenda Review (2 minutes)
> 2. IP Note: (1 minute)
> Anyone can participate in these calls. However, all substantive contributors to any CCG Work Items must be members of the CCG with full IPR agreements signed. https://www.w3.org/community/credentials/join
>     a. Ensure you have a W3 account: https://www.w3.org/accounts/request
>     b. W3C COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR LICENSE AGREEMENT (CLA): https://www.w3.org/community/about/agreements/cla/
> 3. Call Notes (1 minute)
>     a. These minutes and an audio recording of everything said on this call are archived at https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/
>     b. We use IRC to queue speakers during the call as well as to take minutes. http://irc.w3.org/?channels=ccg or http://irc.w3.org:6665/#ccg or the Jitsi text chat.
>     c. All attendees should type “present+” to get your name on the attendee list in the transcript.
>     d. In IRC type “q+” to add yourself to the queue, with an optional reminder, e.g., “q+ to mention something”. The “to” is required.
>     e. If you’re not on IRC, simply ask to be put on the queue.
>     f. Please be brief so the rest of the queue get a chance to chime in. You can always q+ again.
>     g. NOTE: This meeting is held by voice, not by IRC. Off-topic IRC comments are subject to deletion from the record. We work hard to manage a single thread of conversation so everyone can participate and be heard. Please respect the group process by joining the queue when you have something to contribute.
> 4. Scribe Selection (2 minutes)
> We need a volunteer to scribe. Scribe List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LkqZ10z7FeV3EgMIQEJ9achEYMzy1d_2S90Q_lQ0y8M/edit?usp=sharing
> 5. Introductions & Reintroductions (5 minutes --> :11) (see scribe doc for reintroduce column)
> 6. Announcements & Reminders (2 minutes)
> https://w3c-ccg.github.io/announcements/
> 7. New chair Mike Prorock will present briefly on his aspirations for the CCG roadmap going forward (10min)
> 8. Continuing last week's discussions about DID methods as work items, test suites as work items, and how CCG can support work without making more official work items! (5~20min)
> 9. Announcements and report-outs from the community (IIW UX event, for example) (0~10min)
> 10. General Q&A and Discussion (rest of the hour)
> Juan Caballero
> Writing on behalf of Wayne Chang
> Spruce Systems <http://spruceid.com/>, LLC
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