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On 4/6/21 4:36 PM, Juan Caballero wrote:
> The running notes are here

Hey Juan,

I'm fairly certain that these notes are not going to pass muster for W3C IPR
protection if the work were to go to a Working Group.

To put it another way -- the CCG can't operate like some WGs do in DIF.

Not having transcriptions or recordings are a great way to:

1. Embroil your company in anti-trust, anti-
   competition, or collusion litigation.

2. Expose the companies in the meeting to patents or
   other intellectual property issues w/o any
   sensible defense that it was done under an IPR regime.

In short, I think your lawyers might have something to say about a bunch of
competitors getting together and having a discussion about the future
technological direction of an industry w/o transcribing or recording a large
part of the meeting.

If you would like a Jitsi room where you could transcribe and record meetings,
it would be fairly easy to get one set up for the Traceability group.

-- manu

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