Re: [PROPOSED WORK ITEM] Citizenship Vocabulary

Thanks all. And thanks Manu for filling out the new work item template,
resulting in this tracking issue: This meets all the
requirements for creation of a new CCG work item, and I've flagged this to
discuss in the next weekly meeting in case anyone has

I hear the meta-point about the value of generalizing the
process/mechanics. VC-EDU will also do something like this soon. While our
concerns seem quite different than those of DHS, hopefully we'll soon have
enough information to determine an orthonormal basis of these different use
cases, shedding light on a possible general approach.

On Fri, Sep 25, 2020 at 8:54 AM John, Anil <> wrote:

> > It seems we have a couple of options, we can keep making individual
> > repositories or we can make a single repository for all vocabularies
> > developed for DHS SVIP.
> No. No. and ... ahem ... NO : -)
> This would actually defeat the purpose of why SVIP is transparent about
> our work in this area, and why we are ensuring that the companies that we
> have contractual relationships with are required to work in the public and
> engage with and incorporate feedback from the global technical community on
> the work going on in the DID/VC ecosystem.
> By doing so, we ensure that the baseline of security, privacy and
> interoperability that we are *ALL* striving for is done with full, public,
> visibility and accountability and in the public interest.
> Look ... I do understand Orie's frustration here and I have my own
> frustrations about how we do not have a good, single pointer to a complete
> set of resources that we can send to someone so that they can bootstrap,
> leverage, contribute and enhance the interop work artifacts and test suites
> that we are developing and using under the CCG umbrella. This email (
> ) was a  short term bug fix for that in the absence of that single point /
> resource / narrative.
> I have some ideas about how to make this better, but that is all based on
> a desire to provide an answer to >> "Can we provide a community web
> resource w/ some narrative around it that points to interop test artifacts
> that are developed and enhanced by the community in a manner that enables
> someone to get started WITHOUT either SVIP or any of the SVIP Portfolio
> Companies acting as any type of Gatekeeper?"
> > 1. Better SEO for DHS SVIP
> Hard Pass!
> We have better things to spend our time, treasure and attention on!
> > Possibility to share some JSON Schema  / SHACL files for things like
> > physical address, postal address, and organizations.
> >>Those are all terms. We should try to convince them to add
> >>files for those terms as supplementary things for
> Ahem .. We don’t need convincing on this because we agree that
> re-inventing the wheel is a bad idea.
> Our challenge to date has been to get this upvoted as a priority to date
> by the cohort with all the other things that needed to be done.
> So WE are forcing this issue by making this a work item for the cohort  :
> -)
> So there! <grumble> <grumble>
> Best Regards,
> Anil
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