[PROPOSED WORK ITEM] Citizenship Vocabulary

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As many of you are already aware, the US Department of Homeland Security
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS/USCIS) has been
operating a program through the DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program
(SVIP) to create a digital version of the Permanent Resident Card (aka
Green Card) based off of the W3C Verifiable Credentials global standard.


As a part of this work, companies that were involved in the work
coordinated to build a Verifiable Credentials extension that was capable
of addressing the use cases contemplated by DHS/USCIS. The result of
that collaboration is here:


The Citizenship data model was then put through a series of
interoperability tests earlier this year to ensure that it led to
technical interoperability that was provably testable:


Based on the success of those initial interoperability tests, the
Editors of the specification (from Digital Bazaar and Secure Key) would
like to request that it is added as an official W3C CCG Work Item.

I have opened the request here:


-- manu

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