Fall 2020 TPAC event - Registration now open

Dear Advisory Committee Representatives,

Chairs, Working Groups and Community Groups who intend to meet (bcc’ed),

Registration for TPAC2020 is now open:

Fall 2020 TPAC eventVirtual meetings






    Working Groups (WG) / Interest Groups (IG) / Business Groups (BG) /
    Community Groups (CG) Meetings - From September to November


    Joint Group Meetings - 12-16 October 2020

See group meeting details on the Group schedule page:


Groups that have not confirmed their meetings yet, will still be able to 
do it. We advise you to check the Group schedule page for potential 
group updates


    AC Meeting (Member-only) : 20 October 2020



    TPAC Breakout sessions: 26-30 October 2020


See information about the call for breakout sessions below




Please register to all the TPAC sessions using the form below at least 3 
business days before the beginning of each meeting :



Call for TPAC Breakout sessions


The week of October 26 will be dedicated to a distributed unconference, 
with a series of 1-hour breakouts whose topics are defined by TPAC 

We invite attendees to suggest breakout sessions via the wiki before 
October 19th:


Chairs, please encourage your groups and communities to contribute their 
ideas to the wiki as early as possible; since the breakouts are virtual 
this year, we need to finalize the list of breakouts by October 19th to 
leave enough time to finalize their scheduling.

In addition to the usual breakout discussions organized for the 
traditional TPAC community (IG/WG/BG participants, selected CG 
participants, W3C member representatives), we are trying something new 
this year. We plan to open a set of breakouts to the broader public, in 
an effort to bring more diverse voices into the W3C community. We feel 
this is necessary to ensure the fullest range of users and perspectives 
is represented and encoded in our web standards.

Breakout proposers are invited to opt-in to make their breakout open to 
the public in order to invite a wider and more diverse set. While there 
aren't clearly defined limits to what topics would benefit from this, we 
encourage Public Breakouts to focus on use cases or ergonomics of a 
technology, and to provide upfront onboarding and context for any 
breakouts that include deep technical dive.

Please see 
https://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC/2020/SessionIdeas#Public_Breakoutfor more 

Registration for the public (anyone non eligible to the TPAC 
participation rules [1], including CG participants not covered by these 
rules) to the Public Breakouts will happen separately, starting later 
this month.


TPAC Diversity Fund


W3C has established once again a TPAC Diversity Fund, sponsored by W3C 
Members Adobe, Samsung Electronics, Coil, Littleguy SL, Microsoft, 
TetraLogical, Siteimprove; and one anonymous individual sponsor. This 
year, for the first time W3C itself is contributing toward that Fund and 
we expect to continue contributing in subsequent years. It is a decision 
that W3C Management took last November. W3C has decided for 2020 to 
contribute $5,000.

As an international organization, we can see the immense value we gain 
from having greater gender diversity, and expertise from across multiple 
countries and cultures.

Applicants should be from a group that is under-represented in the web 
community, and unable to attend TPAC without financial help. 
Applications are due 27 September 2020. All applicants will be notified 
on 5 October 2020.

Please find more information in the application form:


For any questions, please contact <w3t-tpregister@w3.org>.

With kind regards,

Alexandra Lacourba

W3C Global events coordinator

[1] https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/participation.html

Received on Tuesday, 8 September 2020 17:15:26 UTC