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[MINUTES] W3C CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Call - 2020-06-22 12pm ET

From: W3C CCG Chairs <w3c.ccg@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020 18:45:51 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks to Matt Lisle for scribing this week! The minutes
for this week's CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force telecon are now available:


Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).

CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Telecon Minutes for 2020-06-22

  1. Introductions & Reintroductions
  2. GC Talent Cloud
  Kim Hamilton Duffy and Wayne Chang and Heather Vescent
  Matt Lisle
  Kim Hamilton Duffy, James Chartrand, Chris Winczewski, Jim Kelly, 
  Joe Andrieu, Valerie Thomas, Jim Goodell, Simone Ravaoli, Stuart 
  Freeman, Zan McNaught, David Mason, Juan Caballero, Adam Lemmon, 
  Joshua Marks, Matt Lisle, Lluís Alfons Ariño, David I. Lehn, Nate 

Kim Hamilton Duffy: https://www.w3.org/accounts/request
Kim Hamilton Duffy: https://www.w3.org/community/credentials/join
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
Valerie Thomas: Hi everyone - val here :) looking forward to the 

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Zan McNaught:   Sovereign credentials... interested in ux/ui 
  [scribe assist by Matt Lisle]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Val Thomas from Talent Cloud
Valerie Thomas:  From Talent Cloud [scribe assist by Matt Lisle]
Zan McNaught: My company is digit.ink
Joe Andrieu:  Former co-chair ccg... recently involved in pp10 
  paper... working with others on ILR/LER [scribe assist by Matt 
Valerie Thomas: + Val thomas present+
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Intro to val/david working with employers to 
  make job descriptions more competency-based... focused on 
  consumer side (i.e. credentials) [scribe assist by Matt Lisle]
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Val thomas and david mason presentation 
  [scribe assist by Matt Lisle]
Valerie Thomas: 

Topic: GC Talent Cloud

Matt Lisle is scribing.
Val/David: discoverability of talent and skill recognition... 
  focused on federal public service
Val/David: current HR is too focused on formal creds... data is 
  disconnected... no way to show real-time KSAs
Valerie Thomas:  Worker signals of KSA that is credible and 
  trusted... Canada rise of gig economy - gov't spending billions 
  to recruit/hire talent, can be improved... "more than my job 
Valerie Thomas:  Talent Cloud a grassroots effort... pilot live 
  in 10/18. talent repository for project-based work
Valerie Thomas:  Talent Cloud is public sector "gig 
  marketplace"... skills/credential recognition engine for 
Valerie Thomas:  TC - first openbadges pilot for Canada gov't... 
  also blockcerts pilot. Involved with T3 network.
Valerie Thomas:  Differentiators - takes too long to onboard 
  staff... get good talent in faster... more data for better 
  matching between manager/worker... diversity/inclusion (more 
  later)... promoting remote work by default... skills/competneices 
  credential recognition
Valerie Thomas:  Skills profile for workers... tools for 
  recruiting/hiring for managers and HR... onset of COVID: 
  repurpose tools to find matches for critical roles/skills... 
  developing indigenous talent portal - indigenous people create 
  profile, identify skills, by and for indigenous people
Joshua Marks: Q
Valerie Thomas:  TC Skills Architecture... comes out of much 
  research on future of skills studies... TC included in their 
  skills database... being part of open skill ecosystem, want to 
  connect to bigger space
Valerie Thomas:  Current state... data from those who go through 
  hiring process, but not hired, are lost. not tracking skills data 
  through interviews, assessments, etc. missed opportunity.
Valerie Thomas:  Process map for verifiable skill assessment 
  records... person creates profile, claim skills (work, personal, 
  education, etc), application is assessed, once candidate passes 
  assessment it triggers record and goes into profile... added to 
  profile/wallet and reused for other applications/jobs
Valerie Thomas:  Working with private sector, not-for-profit, 
  academia, public sector... end of high level overview of TC. now 
  overview of UX/UI work
Valerie Thomas:  Walkthrough of process between applicant 
  claiming skill, hiring manager verifying skill, adding that skill 
  to applicant record
Valerie Thomas:  Demo... worker claims a skill (design research). 
  opportunity to tap into open taxonomies/ontologies to speak same 
  language as others. worker claims level of skill, evidence, etc.
Valerie Thomas:  Manager sees claim from worker... invited worker 
  to assessment... takes notes during assessment (e.g. written 
  exam)... creates assessment record
Valerie Thomas:  Back to candidate... has captured all data from 
  process in their profile and can reuse in the future.
Valerie Thomas:  Demo of verifiable credentials skills prototype 
  from David...
David I. Lehn:  User profile page... merge web app with world of 
  decentralized data and wallet. using open libraries... user 
  chooses "create skill"
David I. Lehn:  Skill on worker profile... mangaer now has 
  "verify" button... click it, skill becomes VC...
David I. Lehn:  User presents credential from wallet... (hope to 
  support multiple wallets)... select credential... credential 
  handler api to store credential to wallet
David I. Lehn:  Going forward... interest in relevant UX 
  studies... merging centralized and decentralized worlds... they 
  want to remain open source, but able to integrate... looking for 
  most suitable and highest quality libraries and staying connected 
  with community
Simone Ravaoli: Congrats, Val and David awesome work !
Joshua Marks:  Skill architecture question... interested in 
  transferable skills... where are they formatted and how can we 
  crosswalk/integrate? implmenting CASE or other standards?
Valerie Thomas:  Trying reach out into different communities... 
  met with CAS (?)... looking to structure data to become 
  interoperable... to date, been ad-hoc... but hoping to connect 
  with bigger broader systems.
David Mason: CAS is CASS https://cassproject.org/
David I. Lehn:  Correction CASS... CASS is a specification not a 
  standard. recommendation from joshua_marks to focus on 
  interoperable/crosswalk efforts
Joshua Marks:  How picking assessment, particularly for 
  transferable skills
Joshua Marks: https://www.imsglobal.org/activity/case
Joshua Marks: http://opensalt.org/
Valerie Thomas:  No perfect answer, they have a process where 
  applicant applies for Canada gov't job... hiring manager has to 
  have assessment process with rubric... TC creates tool to capture 
  that data
Valerie Thomas:  No standardized assessments for every skill... 
  hiring manager already building tools/rubrics, goal is to create 
  a library of tools... also to help with documentation of 
  assessment/hiring (data gets missed). collect data so it becomes 
  part of record. another manager can trust it. won't solve 
  ambiguity of assessment, but can reflect light on process that 
  already exists.
Joshua Marks:  Suggestion... less about assessment, more about 
  work task evaluations. Val: part of idea of dynamic record of 
Nate Otto:  Ability accept VC from other systems/wallets... what 
  is claims structure that you're accepting? what would external 
  person who wants to recognize a skill, how would they get 
  credential processed?
Nate Otto:  Asked if they'd seen the prototypes from VC for Edu 
  for things like skill recognition?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
David I. Lehn:  Not yet... looking for partners/info...
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  David mentioned using many of same protocols 
  that we're using in CCG... David's wallet screenshots use 
  credential handler api, available through CCG.
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Good place to collaborate... exchanging 
  protocols, data model of credentials, etc.
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Interested in further alignment work around 
  taxonomies. would like to hear more about Joshua's work in 
  Broward. on technical side, collaborating on protocols.
Nate Otto: Thanks @MattLisle for scribing
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