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[MINUTES] W3C Credentials CG Call - 2020-05-26 12pm ET

From: W3C CCG Chairs <w3c.ccg@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 19:33:58 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks to Ryan Grant for scribing this week! The minutes
for this week's Credentials CG telecon are now available:


Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).

Credentials CG Telecon Minutes for 2020-05-26

  1. Science Paper
  Christopher Allen and Joe Andrieu and Kim Hamilton Duffy
  Ryan Grant
  Christopher Allen, Moses Ma, Manu Sporny, Dan Burnett, Ryan 
  Grant, Joe Andrieu, Erica Connell, Nat Holloway, Kim Hamilton 
  Duffy, Wayne Vaughn, Kaliya Young, Heather Vescent, Dmitri 
  Zagidulin, Adrian Gropper, Chris Winczewski, Anil John, Jonathan 
  Holt, jceb, SANDEEP, Karen O'Donoghue, loveish, Orie Steele, Juan 
  Caballero, Jeff Orgel, David I. Lehn, Mark Leuba, Oliver Terbu, 
  Tom S

Moses Ma: You sound fine
Christopher Allen: 
Christopher Allen: https://www.w3.org/community/credentials/join
Christopher Allen: 
Ryan Grant is scribing.
Ryan Grant is scribing.
Christopher Allen:  Introductions
Moses Ma: Mark is new
Cochair of DID working group, works at evernym, in this community 
  for several years
Nat Holloway:  <Audio weak>
Nat Holloway:  Please recap on irc if possible
Nat Holloway: Linkedin public profile - 
Christopher Allen: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/announcements/
Nat Holloway:  I don't have access to linkedin, can you 
Christopher Allen:  Identiverse
Christopher Allen:  Four weekly recurring meetings (see 
  announcements for details)
Sorry all, seems like I'm unable to join the voip.
Christopher Allen: 
Mark_: try the plain old telelphone system
Nat Holloway: Rgrant Research Engineer at USAA. Work in USAA Labs 
  in identity, AI, crypto and general security.
Nat Holloway: Np
Manu Sporny:  Jsonld1.1 has finished work on spec
Manu Sporny:  And other framing algorithms
Moses Ma: Mark, you can call in via Skypeout, Whatsapp or some 
  low cost app from Europe: +1.540.274.1034 x6306
Manu Sporny: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/json-ld11/
Manu Sporny:  W3C member organizations are expected to vote on 
  whether to approve the final specification.  It's very important, 
  if you're a W3C member, that you vote in favor of this technology 
  that underlies many of the specifications created by this 
  community group.
Manu Sporny: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/jsonld-charter/
Manu Sporny:  The other thing is the lsonld1.1 WG maintenance 
Nat Holloway: Thank you kimhd!
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Regarding attendee list, I have the same 
  question for nikosft -- can you point me to a profile page we can 
  use for you (linkedin profile, twitter, or blog)?
Manu Sporny:  Active working groups reduces lag time in fixing 
To maintain the registries
Christopher Allen: 
Christopher Allen:  There was discussion here about outlining 
  what the two working groups did
Christopher Allen:  <...Is looking for some link in a document>
Manu Sporny: 
Christopher Allen:  Under our new charter we can define how we 
  handle work and task items, and we need to be more clear about 
  these processes.
Christopher Allen: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/community/issues/75
Manu Sporny:  Regarding registries, there is some overlap with 
  Dan Burnett's responsibilities.  good news is that DID working 
  group has put in a lot of work that "is converging"
Manu Sporny:  Some work may be reusable.  there is a sane way to 
  do this without putting an insane amount of work on the CCG
Christopher Allen: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/community/issues/3
Christopher Allen:  We need to move this all to ReSpec, but our 
  placeholder googledoc is linked
Christopher Allen:  Issue #3 is update to RSA signature suite
Christopher Allen:  We had a volunteer for a while but not 
  currently.  chairs have discussed this.  unless there is a 
  volunteer, we're going to close this [item from] this repo.
Manu Sporny:  It is going to be unavoidable that this crypto 
  suite gets used.  enterprise uses this instead of ed25519.
Orie Steele: Recommend RSA folks support 
Orie Steele: And use it instead
Manu Sporny:  My concern is that if we archive it here no 
  community will be working on it.  candidate editors are too busy 
  working on DID things.
Manu Sporny:  We won't have a spec for the things that are 
Manu Sporny:  We're in a bad situation
Christopher Allen:  We recognie your hard work for this 
Christopher Allen:  At this point, it's incorrect
Can mark it
Orie Steele:  We should archive and document as we go
Christopher Allen: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/community/issues/3
Moses Ma: Link for the Science article: 
Moses Ma:  Coauthor for paper for Science was trying to log into 
Christopher Allen: "Blockchain-facilitated sharing to advance 
  outbreak R&D"
Christopher Allen:  Now we move to item of the day: elections
Moses Ma: Mark, are you on the call now?
Moses Ma: Type q+ if you are
Christopher Allen:  Four years ago, verifiable credientials task 
  force moved to WG, and manu asked ChristopherA tot chair and 
  kimhd volunteered too, then less than a year later JoeAndrieu
Manu Sporny: I am forever grateful to ChristopherA and kimhd and 
  JoeAndrieu for stepping up as Chairs those many years ago. :)
Mark Leuba: Yes, I'm in. Regular phone. Low battery.
  ...joind and there was a lot of work and updating the chair was 
  supposed to be updated and elections and the charter needed 
Christopher Allen:  ChristopherA is not running for reelection.
Christopher Allen:  Nominations were announced a couple of weeks 
  ago.  nominations deadline was last night.  as of right now there 
  are three seats that are open under the new charter
Christopher Allen:  Kimhd has won uncontested, seat A
Moses Ma: All hail the great Kimleesi
Juan Caballero: Three cheers for Wayne!
Christopher Allen:  We only had one one nomination for the three 
  year seat, seat C, Wayne.  and wayne is now chair for that seat.
Christopher Allen:  Kimhd any words?
Juan Caballero: (6 Cheers for Kimleesi, may she be merciful on us 
Heather Vescent: Yay and congrats to Kim and Wayne!
Dan Burnett: Congrats Wayne!
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Thank you everyone.  very exciteed.  focus 
  will be supporting the new chair.  welcome wayne!  i'm focusing 
  on community growing and inclusivity.
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  We have training for support for the broader 
Wayne Vaughn:  Background is in software engineering and project 
Wayne Vaughn: (APAC)
Wayne Vaughn: Aka Asia-Pacific
Christopher Allen:  Seat held by JoeAndrieu is contested by 
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Christopher -- looks like Mark is in with low 
  battery, not sure if we want to do that first?
Christopher Allen:  Election mechanism to be chosen by chairs, 
  and then a week after that, election occurs.
Christopher Allen:   We've not done this before.  details to the 
  list in the next few days, after cochairs call
Christopher Allen:  JoeAndrieu has been cochair for 3 years, and 
  we'd like JoeAndrieu to talk about his nomination
Joe Andrieu:  Runs a small consultancy and
Moses Ma: Christopher, Mark's phone is low on battery, if you 
  could have him say hi briefly soon that would be great
Joe Andrieu:  And has many responsibilites in W3C <which your 
  scribe couldn't follow>
Joe Andrieu:  Realized that dealing with requirements independent 
  of technology was a need here
Joe Andrieu:  Standards process is messy.  it's nonlinear
Kim Hamilton Duffy: S/<something-pac>/APAC
Joe Andrieu:  Our job is to hold the space for the different 
  voices, so that they can participate.  eager to continue this 
Kim Hamilton Duffy: S/<Aurie?>/Orie
Founded in 2006, after being in tech for 10 years.  i decided to 
  throw my name in the hat after a lot of deliberation.
Juan Caballero: https://thepurpletornado.com/reports/
Juan Caballero: ^ The Purple Tornado, LLC (CA, USA)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: S/<couldn't hear>/The Purple Tornado, LLC 
  (CA, USA)
Heather Vescent:  Joined CCG due to interest in how the standards 
  process works - how the sausage is made.  had verymixed 
  experiences.  thought about leaving and for a while did step 
  away, but decided to give it my last stop.
Heather Vescent:  Be sure everything is thought through to 
  minimize unintended consequences
Heather Vescent:  Because technologists are so experienced at 
  solving the problems, they don't see the broader impacts in other 
Heather Vescent:  Went back to school and got masters from 
  Foresight and ... futures ... geopolitical, economics, covid.  
  dramatic change.  trach record of understanding technology.
Heather Vescent:  Want to bring my skills and talents to this 
  community to take it to the next level.
Heather Vescent:  There are roles for all of us to play.
Heather Vescent:  How are we going to respond to the shifting 
  things in the world.
Heather Vescent:  Covid19
Heather Vescent:  We can be more proactive
Heather Vescent:  Intersted in where this technology can go.  
  early baby stages.
Heather Vescent:  We can positively influence billions of people
Heather Vescent:  Intersted in legal identity and IoT identity.
Heather Vescent:  IoT and <npe?>
Heather Vescent:  Supply chain
Heather Vescent:  Machine learning
Heather Vescent:  I see a lot of the work here as baby steps
Heather Vescent:  Background: i'm just a badass.  i get things 
  done.  level 40 <something>
Kim Hamilton Duffy: S/<npe?>/NPE
Heather Vescent:  Colabborated with identitywoman to write report
Heather Vescent:  <Scribe fail>
Heather Vescent:  Been in the space for a long time
Heather Vescent:  Collaborated with a lot of folks from identity 
Juan Caballero: (Reports linked above)
Heather Vescent:  Made a film about it
Heather Vescent:  Communicating it's power and practicality to 
  non-experts .  governments, venture capitalists.
Heather Vescent:  Over and over, we talk about how we wish we had 
  this kind of information.
Heather Vescent:  Track record of creating that kind of content.
Heather Vescent:  That's what i want to bring to CCG here
Heather Vescent:  Incrase the diversity of this community
Chris Winczewski: Thank you Kim, Joe, Heather, and Wayne for 
  running. Thank you as well Christopher for your service. Chairing 
  is a critical role and we all appreciate the work that it takes 
  to move the community forward.
Heather Vescent:  That's why i'm running for CG.  thank you.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thanks chriswinc!
Christopher Allen:  Process will be two weeks
Christopher Allen:  Any questions?
Christopher Allen:  For the candidates?
Moses Ma: I think Mark's phone ran out of battery... we can try 
  again next week
Mark Leuba: Still here!

Topic: Science Paper

Christopher Allen:  Last call for questions.  topic moves to 
  Mark's paper
Mark Leuba:  Thanks for having me
Mark Leuba:  Bear with me, i'm new
Mark Leuba:  Invited by MosesMa and kimhd due to publication in 
Christopher Allen: Science Magazine "Blockchain-facilitated 
  sharing to advance outbreak 
Mark Leuba:  Intro: innovation policy researcher at delft
Mark Leuba:  Not a computer scientists nor a developer, but 
  picked up DIDs and translated to my field of infectious diseases
Mark Leuba:  Aim is to identify barriers to effective cooperation
Mark Leuba:  Collaborating with infectious disease control at 
  Dutch <org>
Mark Leuba:  Collegue sat next to MosesMa on flight and got memed
Mark Leuba:  Trust issues are at the root of many problems that 
  we see for covid, that hamper outbreak response
Mark Leuba:  We need lots of different actors sharing data
Mark Leuba:  Several barriers related to private stakes: academia 
  wants to get publications
Mark Leuba:   This is disincentive to share research data.  we 
  have several incentivization problems.
Mark Leuba:  Dropping a link to initiate other discussion
Mark Leuba:  Our vision integrates <lots of stuff>
Mark Leuba:  We can shape a trust layer underneath existing 
Moses Ma: This proposed vision is called an ORBI - Outbreak R&D 
  Blockchain Infrastructure
Mark Leuba:  These barriers are still hampering effective disease 
  response in covid
Mark Leuba:  We're thinking about furhter papers and the existing 
  work is just a high-level abstract start
Mark Leuba:   Thanks for having me!
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thanks Mark!
Christopher Allen:  Manages last comment.
Adrian Gropper:  How do you see reputation, bound in the academic 
  stuff, fitting into this community?
Moses Ma: Mark and I are working on a COVID project as well, 
  called COVID Defender, contact us for more info.
Mark Leuba:  Reputation very interesting.  it's key for academics 
  and others.  out of scope of current paper.  supplementary 
  materials discuss verifiable credentials could be used .
Moses Ma: I'll ask Mark to join the discussion forum as well
Mark Leuba:  We'd like to explore this better in the future.  the 
  paper is already information-dense and didn't have room for these 
Moses Ma: We had to smash a 12 page paper into 3 pages...
Mark Leuba:  If you think about the quality, you want something 
  like the existing reputation system in place.
Orie Steele: Example: signing COVID related JSON-LD used by 
  search engines, using Bitcoin and Ethereum curve: 
Mark Leuba: Link to the paper: 
Christopher Allen:  Closing the call with: wayne please join 
  other chairs on thursday regarding process
Wayne Vaughn: +1
Mark Leuba: Link to the supplements: 
Christopher Allen:  Will graduate to scribe list!
Christopher Allen:  Thanks everyone!
Moses Ma: Thanks and bye!
Mark Leuba: Supplementary diagram (at the bottom of this link): 
S/delft/1Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Athena Institute for 
  Research on Innovation and Communication in Health and Life 
  Sciences, Amsterdam, Netherlands./
Mark also affiliated with Triall Foundation, Maarssen, 
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