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Hi all,
There's an interesting discussion happening here ( regarding constructing
the credential content. Many of the comments are resonating with my
experience of creating "real-world" credentials.

In my experience, there are several common scenarios for creating
credentials. I wanted to start writing these up because how we deal with
them will be different (and it's easy to get confused when switching
contexts). Feel free to edit

Summary of primary cases:

   1. Vocabulary/taxonomy known and LD context is available
      - However, additional unmapped fields may be added
   2. Machine-readable fields available (merge fields) but not mapped to an
   existing vocabulary
   3. The credential is a thin wrapper around other content, not
   necessarily machine-readable.
      - Example: ILR wrapper design, link to PDF with content-integrity

There are numerous follow-on considerations (such as the need to
create/host LD contexts and others I haven't gotten into yet).

Many of us are operating in a state like #2, and hoping that there will be
pressure for convergence on standard contexts.

In the VC-EDU discussion tomorrow, we'll be talking about case #3 (Per
Alex, this will apply to 90% of the use cases for ILR wrapper, at least


*Kim Hamilton Duffy*

Senior Technology Architect

*MIT Open Learning | Digital Credentials Consortium*

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