RE: Important Issue for Immunity Credentials

FYI: This research report from the Blockchain Research Institute might be of interest…

Blockchain Research Institute<> - Special Report on Blockchain Solutions in Pandemics, April 2020
In report:
1. Self-sovereign identity, health records, and shared data
2. Just-in-time supply chain solutions
3. Sustaining the economy: how blockchain can help
4. A rapid response registry for medical professionals 5. Incentive models to reward responsible behavior

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Agreed. That is why we have use-case UC00.

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While few (none?) of us on the mailing list know the details, I think this is where a governance framework comes in.  Each verifier will want to know the basis under which the issuer issued the credential.  In a closed ecosystem (one jurisdiction), that will be easy. In order to accept a credential from another issuer, a verifier will want to know the science used by the issuer and decide how from there to trust (or not) the credentials. The framework for disclosing that information will be needed.  It's a good use case for this as the issuers will be relatively small (at least initially), as will the ecosystems in which they are used.

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 9:21 AM Xiao Zhang <<>> wrote:
IgG antibody is a signal of ‘old’ infection (one had COVID-19 weeks/months ago)
IgM is of current or very recent infection.


Xiao Zhang

> 在 2020年4月9日,上午12:14,Steven Rowat <<>> 写道:
> On 2020-04-07 11:35 pm, Victoriano Giralt wrote:
>> From my work with the lab at Kings college, the "good" tests provide a
>> triplet of ternary results:
>> Overall "result": Yes/No/unclear
>> IgM: High/Medium/Low
>> IgG: High/Medium/Low
>> IgM and IgG are the real immunity results showing how long ago it has
>> developed.
> Although I'm not a doctor, I can add that yesterday the doctor in NY Governor Cuomo's press conference explained that there is a key difference between these IgM and IgG, which is that one of them shows past infection, and one shows current. He was explaining that an immunity certificate needs to reflect this difference accurately in order to show that people are over it and do not still have it.
> If my memory of what he said is correct, he was saying that the test they're developing only uses one of them, the one that shows that the infection is 'old' and not current, and that this is sufficient and what is required for an immunity certificate.
> Steven


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