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Some more *high-signal, low noise* links I've collected on these topics.

FT: "Tracking coronavirus: big data and the challenge to privacy" (Free to

A pretty good update on what is happening on the telcom side of
#LocationPrivacy. It does have me concerned that various efforts for
privacy enhanced bluetooth #ContactTracing and other such approaches are a
moot point given what the cell phone already allow to be correlated.

"Still, assurances from officials and industry executives have done little
to appease anxiety that privacy rights could be brushed aside as
governments seek to use tools of mass surveillance in their efforts to
combat the virus. The concerns about political use of data have been
aggravated by the fact that the European Commission wants the telecoms
companies to provide the actual aggregated data, not just access to
insights from that information."

"Some researchers are not convinced by the claim that such data sets are
completely anonymous. A 2019 study by researchers at Imperial College
London and Belgium’s Catholic University of Louvain revealed there is a way
to re-identify 99.98 per cent of individuals with just 15 demographic
characteristics using location data. Other studies have come to similar
conclusions that individuals can be identified based on aggregate data sets
with relative ease."

Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing

PEPP-PT was created to assist national initiatives by supplying
ready-to-use, well-tested, and properly assessed mechanisms and standards,
as well as support for interoperability, outreach, and operation when

The PEPP-PT mechanisms will have these core features:

   - Well-tested and established procedures for proximity measurement on
   popular mobile operating systems and devices.
   - Enforcement of data protection, anonymization, GDPR compliance, and
   - International interoperability to support tracing local infection
   chains even if a chain spans multiple PEPP-PT participating countries.
   - Scalable backend architecture and technology that can be deployed with
   local IT infrastructure.
   - Certification service to test and ensure local implementations use the
   PEPP-PT mechanisms in a secure and interoperable manner.
   - Our reference implementation is available under the Mozilla License

GMSA Public Policy: COVID-19 Privacy Guidelines April 2020

"The mobile industry recognises the urgency with which governments must act
to slow the spread of COVID-19 and the desire of some governments to seek
help regarding those efforts. At the same time, the mobile industry
recognises that the use of mobile network operator data by governments or
agencies raises serious privacy concerns. These guidelines reflect
recommendations on how the mobile industry may maintain trust while
responding to those governments and public health agencies that have sought
assistance in the fight against COVID-19."

-- Christopher Allen

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