Re: Proposed work item: did:key DID Method

Hi Manu

I am proposing to use this did:key method in our implementation


On 23/11/2019 16:27, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a new type of identifier for
> verifiable, decentralized digital identity. These new identifiers are
> designed to enable the controller of a DID to prove control over it and
> to be implemented independently of any centralized registry, identity
> provider, or certificate authority. These sorts of identifiers often
> utilize a heavy-weight registry, such as ones utilizing Decentralized
> Ledger Technologies (DLT), to create, read, update, and deactivate DIDs.
> This specification describes a non-registry based DID Method based on
> expanding a cryptographic public key into a DID Document. This approach
> provides the simplest possible implementation of a DID Method that is
> able to achieve many, but not all, of the benefits of utilizing DIDs.
> At this time, we are seeking another implementer that is willing to
> collaborate on maturing this DID Method and be a co-sponsor/editor on
> the specification.
> The request to add this as a work item to the CCG is here:
> -- manu

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