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On 11/15/19 2:13 PM, Stephen Curran wrote:
> Any hope of a fix for this, or is that a W3C limitation?

All of our current calls are hosted on Digital Bazaar's Asterisk PBX and
VoIP/IRCbot infrastructure, not W3C's.

> Since this is the only time I use it, I haven't spent the time to 
> learn about the technology enough to figure out what's broken.

Just use onsip - it's free, there is a web-based client, and it just works.

> Would this change in any way alleviate the need to continue with 
> current call in mechanisms?  Zoom supports the ability to have a SIP
>  client call in to a Zoom call. Could the minutes bot use that 
> mechanism and allow the rest of us to use a more modern conferencing
>  system?  Zoom also has a transcription service.

Ahh, the perennial "Why aren't we using Skype/Zoom?" discussion. :)

There are the usual "Company XYZ's application, protocols, and APIs are
proprietary." counter-arguments (that we won't hear until there is real
momentum to move to it). They tend to resonate with people that work on
standards... and those people have seen this discussion enough times to
not get interested in it until the very end (since the discussion
typically dies off when people find out how much work it might be to get

... but the most important reason is that no one has stepped up and
re-written the teleconference system that meets all of needs of the
group. To move to Zoom, we'd need...

A telecon audio channel control system that (at a bare minimum):

* Is open source and uses an open source audio bridge
* Supports at least PBX and SIP
* Bridges to IRC for control
* Does queue management
* Names/mutes/unmutes/kicks audio channels
* Detects audio/silence from audio channels
* Automatically records/archives/uploads audio
* Automatically records/archives/uploads IRC logs
* Handles exceptions gracefully
* Handles upwards of 50+ people/audio channels per call

Bonus points for:

* Auto-transcription of each individual named audio channel
* Integration into scribe.js
* Integration into Github
* Integration into S3-like service

As soon as someone writes at least the bare minimum that integrates with
Zoom, we should consider switching to it... but until that happens, we
have the system we have. :)

Any volunteers?

-- manu

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