Re: Invitation to Personal Data Hubs, Identity Hubs, EDV Roadmap Discussion

On 11/15/19 6:26 PM, Michael Herman (Parallelspace) wrote:
> …how do you propose to discuss a plan/approach without some sort of 
> discussion detailing the technical/architectural approaches to be 
> considered?

After collaboration by a number of people in each community, there is a
technical/architectural approach that seems to be gaining momentum. This
architecture is outlined in the RWoT9 EDV paper and some of Adrian's
slides. We've spoken w/ some of the Identity Hubs folks and there is
commitment to those use cases and ensuring that Identity Hubs and Aries
folks can build on top of the EDV spec.

We'll be focused on a very specific question during the call:

How do these communities, who do not want to duplicate effort, and do
want to work together on personal data stores, do so in a way that leads
to rapid open standardization.

The conversation absolutely should not attempt to suggest new
technical/architectural approaches, because we'll clearly be in very
gray IPR territory if anyone does that on the call AND because that's
not the purpose of the call.

The conversation shouldn't attempt to expand scope beyond the "how"
(process) into the "what" (technical). The more focused we are on just
one thing (the process), the better chance we have of getting to
concrete next steps.

> That is, how can we plan when we don’t have a scope?

I'll try to outline scope in the next email since the first email wasn't
as clear as it should have been for those that haven't been
participating in the conversation to date.

-- manu

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