Re: Regarding Working group for identity hubs

On 11/7/19 9:02 AM, Alex Puig wrote:
> Is there any working group for Identity hubs ?

There is a group at DIF working on Identity Hubs:

There is also an initiative to collaborate on Encrypted Data Vaults and
Identity Hubs that we're working on... in an attempt to bring DIF, W3C,
Solid, and Aries communities together into a single group to discuss
personal data stores:

We worked on a paper at RWoT9 on the topic and got participants from
each community to contribute to the paper to define how the layering for
these systems would work. The final paper is now available here:

It's an evolving conversation, if you want to track all of the
conversations, you're going to have to join all of the groups. I think
we'll be talking about how to do some joint work in this area in an
upcoming W3C CCG meeting.

-- manu

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