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Re: The plan for IIW 26

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018 14:42:41 -0400
To: public-credentials@w3.org
Message-ID: <44019d4a-818e-5b7e-7cd1-322321995cea@digitalbazaar.com>
On 03/30/2018 01:37 PM, Jordan, John CITZ:EX wrote:
> We can also show or have Markus show the DID-Auth proxy service to 
> service implemented between our B.C. Registries Issuer and our 
> OrgBook Holder services if that is interesting / helpful.

I think it would be very compelling to have someone actually in
government show what they're doing in the space, even if it is Markus'
work. So, perhaps you talk John while Markus runs the demo?

That'll make it clear that there is real government and commercial
interest in the space and it's not just a bunch of doe eyed
technologists fantasizing about the future of identity.

-- manu

Manu Sporny (skype: msporny, twitter: manusporny, G+: +Manu Sporny)
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