Re: Expiry time in Data Model

On 21/05/2016 12:56, Victoriano Giralt wrote:
> On 20/05/16 22:35, David Chadwick wrote:
>>> what is an example of a credential that's irrevocable?
>> Any short lived one, where the time/overhead of revocation is comparable
>> with the lifetime
> Stupid question: wouldn't a birth certificate be an irrevocable
> credential? It is a fact of life that any person is born, you can (and
> will) die, but your birth a fact that existed in a given point in time.

You are mixing up the attribute/claim, date of birth (or similar) which
lasts forever, and the credential, which is a cryptographic digital
representation of it. This has to have an expiry time due to the
inherent weakness of the crypto.



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