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any update?

IPFS[1] Looks like a great alternative to Web-DHT[1]


On Fri, 11 Sep 2015 at 13:47 Manu Sporny <> wrote:

> On 09/10/2015 03:12 AM, Victoriano Giralt wrote:
> > This just came to me this morning. And it seems like
> > a godsend for the objectives of this group. Maybe not :-)
> Hey Victoriano,
> We've been in contact with Juan Batiz-Benet (the leader of the IPFS
> project) for some time now with regular check-ins with him. They're
> looking into using JSON-LD for the wire protocol for IPFS and we're
> trying to help them out in that capacity.
> The bit of IPFS we care about is IPNS, and as Eric stated, if we can
> re-use IPNS instead of having to build out WebDHT, it would be a big win
> for both groups. The problem is that we're not sure if we can do that or
> not yet.
> IPFS is also where Brendan and Andrew (who have joined the Credentials
> CG calls) and I met each other - in the IPFS IRC channel.
> So, yes, you're right - if we can reuse that work, it would be huge.
> We're still trying to work through that with Juan and the rest of the
> IPFS team.
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