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Hi all –

In case you've missed the announcement this morning - Open Badges has
partnered with IMS Global <http://www.imsglobal.org/aboutims.html>, the
leading education technology standards body, to accelerate the adoption and
interoperability of badges in education & workforce.

The new IMS Digital Credentialing initiative will be focused on furthering
the adoption, integration and transferability of digital credentials,
within institutions, schools, and corporations. The initial aim of IMS
Digital Credentialing will be to further investigate and expand the reach,
adoption and value of open badges in several potential ways, including:
badge integration in the IMS eT work
<http://www.imsglobal.org/cbe/index.html> already underway, Open Badge
Standard <http://specification.openbadges.org/> extension work, and
exploration of new models of badge system design, storage, usage, or

This exciting new partnership is a natural evolution of all of the hard
work that we have accomplished together so far. For more information on
what this means for the Open Badges work, check out my blog post here
and the IMS Global press release here.

Tell us what you think of this new partnership and opportunity! Send us
your questions, thoughts, concerns, high fives, etc.


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