Re: LinkedIn purchase of

It is.  Henry [3] is responsible for my involvment with W3 Communities... ;)

(He helped me with my initial discovery process into W3C community works...)

Henry Chairs WebID [4] which at times has had a difficult position with the
inception of opencreds.   TimBL's new 'web security' design notes [5]
probably follow-on within a similar school of thought surrounding TLS
usage, etc.

However; with respect to linkedin; assuming models are collaboratively
supported (as has occured with JSON-LD [6]), henry is likely (one of) the
best operator on the planet to explore how an implementation might work,
particularly due to his very passionate undertaking to build RWW into Play


On 17 April 2015 at 10:34, Eric Korb <> wrote:

> @Tim  It looks like it based on Linked Data too!
> This is an implementation in Play of a number of tools to build a
> Read-Write-Web server using Play2.x and akka. It is very early stages at
> present and it implements sketches of the following
>    - A CORS <> proxy
>    - An initial implementation of Linked Data Basic Profile
>    <>
> Eric
> On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 7:33 PM, Timothy Holborn <
>> wrote:
>> I think linkedin uses play framework[1]
>> Henry Story has been doing a lot of ldp work with that platform [2]
>> [1]
>> [2]
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>> On 17 Apr 2015, at 1:15 am, Sunny Lee <> wrote:
>> Howdy folks,
>> Yesterday I came across Audrey Watters' analysis on LinkedIn's
>> acquisition of here:
>> Her conclusion was this:
>> Instead education data is often trapped in silos — inaccessible to and
>> uncontrolled by learners. Students are compelled to use ed-tech software,
>> but have little say in what happens to their content and your data. Now, I
>> don’t think LinkedIn users have a lot of say in what happens to their
>> content and data there; but hey, at least they can export it if they want
>> to.Hopefully that feature won’t disappear as LinkedIn moves to become a
>> new “certification platform.” (But I’m not going to hold my breath… nor
>> expect any tech blogs to cover this…)
>> I do agree that linkedin's foray into training content is more than just
>> a content play and may signal entry into certification and credentialing.
>> With that said, I wonder if they should be on the list of recruits for the
>> cred cg:
>> Maybe there's history already there that I'm not aware of but thought I'd
>> share with this group.
>> Thoughts?
>> Sunny

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