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From: Tim Holborn <timothy.holborn@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 10:25:07 +1000
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Hi All,

A use-case concepts dump - types of credentials…

- Educational Credentials
EXAMPLE: That the individual is a student of a particular course and/or has an affiliation with a particular university
+ I have a degree in this field
+ I am a student, studying in this field
+ i am a lecturer at this university

- Government Credentials
+ I am a citizen, my date of birth is, etc.

- Health Credential
+ I have a prescription / right to purchase this medication
+ I authorise this doctor to write to my patient record
+ I reauthorise this doctor to write to my patient record
+ Emergency Health Providers can Access my Patient Records
+ I am an Emergency Health Professional
+ i have a valid First Aid Certificate

- Transmission Credentials
+ I have sent you legal notification digitally
+ I have authored this document which i seek to be delivered as registered mail to the named recipient
+ I seek a date-stamp (and checksum) on this document send to the specified recipient. 
(and i seek to declare terms to that transmission)

- Financial Credentials
EXAMPLE: Providing secure access to a Bank Account
+This is my bank account
+ I authorise this transaction from this bank account
+ I have a bank-account

- Proof of Purchase Credentials (assets?)
EXAMPLE: Vehicle ownership and/or registration
+ This is my Vehicle
+ I purchased this TV within the last 12 months (i still have a warrantee)
+ I paid this bill on this day
+ This is my registered trademark

- Employment, Club or Organisational Credentials
EXAMPLE: A issued credential identifying an employee or an issued credential denoting association to a sporting group (and insurance information?)
+ i have a yacht-club Membership and my Insurance is paid
+ I am a Webizen
+ I work at Fast Food Chain xyz - Please authorise my discount
+ I work at Telecommunications Company XYZ: Let me in the door to this secure facility

- A Professional Credential
+ I am a lawyer or Accountant
+ I am a Lawyer or Accountant representing this client

UseCase - General
- Credentials issuer seeks to share private information (web resources) with credentials holder.

- Individual is fined for traffic infringement and seeks access to Video (and/or audio) evidence recorded by law-enforcement.  A means is sought to do this privately (as to avoid the material being published on youtube).

- A confidential document is being distributed for the purpose of disclosure and mutual agreement. 

- I have a hybrid TV service (Broadcast + Broadband) here is my identity details, i would like to control who and how this information is used for targeted advertising & other purposes.

- This intelligent light globe is connected at my home.  I would like access to the light globe to turn it on/off remotely.

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