Re: Preliminary Credentials Use Cases (Accountability)

On 08/25/2014 02:35 AM, Tim Holborn wrote:
> *accountability is an important factor.* - HTTPA [11] Speaks of 
> accountability systems: Have these concepts been considered in 
> relation to the issuance and use of a Credentials?

Not that I know of, not yet, no.

> - How will my web-experience be monitored, influenced and potentially
> controlled if i choose to use credentials.  If i’m required to use
> credentials… How does citizenship work for travellers, whether they
> be travelling ‘virtually’ or ‘physically’ as defined by ‘choice of
> law’ related systems…

These are topics we hope to cover at the United Nation's Internet
Governance Forum in Istanbul next week. We won't get an answer, it's an
ongoing dialog.

> Why *must i* attend this  conference / event - in relation or on 
> behalf of an incorporated legal entity?

Most likely because the person that wrote the conference software put as
much thought into credentials and identity as most of us have over the
past 25 years of the Web. :P

> Perhaps a problem is that the breadth of issues are far greater than 
> traditional W3C Community Groups (or standards projects) are
> designed to support functionally? complex idea, hoping the spirit of
> the underlying considerations are sufficiently transparent.

It is, but it's also still manageable. We are not the only group looking
into this stuff. There is also the Internet Identity Workshop, the
Social Web WG, WebID group, IGF, US Fed, and many, many other groups
working on this problem. As we make progress, or find questions that we
can't answer, there is already a large network of people and other
standards setting organizations that are working on bits and pieces of
this general problem area. We're not alone in this, and we can lean on
those other groups when it makes sense to do so (which will be often, I

-- manu

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