Trying to locate information on the W3C site

Hey there

As a matter of finding info on the W3C site, I am finding it very 

Navigation on the pages I have looked at are drastically different:
this one has tabs
this one a completely different design
this one has quick links and page contents in one form of anchored links
here the anchored links are presented differently
this one the menu has disappeared, fair enough it's a note/report thing.
this one has a menu where I can choose what I see on the page, though it 
is not entirely clear. But it's an interesting approach - accessible 

Ok, these are different parts of what the W3C do, but it is confusing to 
get around these pages because nothing appears consistent in the design.

Anyway, my problem is that I am just trying to find the wcag advice re 
mega menus, anchored links, and scrolling/marquee images. I have tried 
Googling without much success, including the top level w3c google search 

If you have any tips re where this info sits or how to find it easily, 
that would be terrific!

Many thanks
Alan Gelder

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