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Check for CSS seems less useful than test for use of deprecated elements (e.g., font, center, strike, i, b, u)

Editorial Errors in Understanding WCAG

Equivalence of content of noembed element not explicitly checked

H82 missing?

Requirement for 200% text increase nearly impossilbe to meet in most cases

SCR19 applies to SC 3.2.2 too

Test contradicts other options to meet SC 1.4.4

Test does not check top position of link or mechanism

Test for percent is in itself not meaningful, should encompass %, em, font size names

Test needs specification of window size and criteria for compliance

Test whether all th Elements have scope attribute misleading

The test for the correct use of longdesc should be conditional on its application

The test should include a check whether the function to turn off blinking content is documented

use of fieldset should not be required for any group of logically related input elements

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