Editorial Errors in Understanding WCAG

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during the translation of the latest version of "Understanding WCAG" <http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/NOTE-UNDERSTANDING-WCAG20-20101014/complete.html> into German we found a few more errors or omissions.

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Tomas Caspers


> "Extended audio description can provide the additional information they needed to understand the video"

It should either read:

"Extended audio description can provide the additional information needed to understand the video"


"Extended audio description can provide the additional information they need to understand the video"


> "A live text caption service will enable live audio to be accessible to people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, or who cannot otherwise hear the audio."

"deaf" should be written with a lower case "d".


> "In these cases there are number of different reading orders for a Web page that can satisfy the Success Criterion."

There is an "a" before number missing.


> "The arrow is clearly labeled with "Next" and the instructions state, "To move to the next section of the survey, select the green arrow icon labeled 'Next' in the lower right below the last survey question." This example uses both positioning, color and labeling to help identify the icon."

Shouldn't it be "in the lower right corner"? 


> "The intent of this Success Criterion is to encourage authors who are using technologies that are capable of achieving a specific visual presentation to enable people who require a particular visual presentation of text to be able to adjust the text presentation as required."

What are authors encouraged to do?  It's not said in this sentence. 


> "Rather, it means that content that uses analog, time-dependent input cannot conform to this Success Criterion and therefore cannot meet Guideline 2.1 at Level AAA."

Shouldn't that be path-depending instead of time-depending?


> "An essential animation can be paused without effecting the activity"

Shouldn't it be "affecting the activity"?


> "A test is designed so that time to complete the test does not effect the scoring"

Shouldn't it be "affect the scoring"?


> "This allows access by people with cognitive limitations or attention disorders to be able to focus on the content."

Seems like there are two sentences that were connected without rearraging the verbs.


> "Some common examples of technical terms include: Homo sapien, Alpha Centauri, hertz, and habeas corpus."

Must read Homo sapiens


> "A skip to navigation link is provided to navigational content at the end of a page. The link is consistently located at the top of each page so that keyboard users can easily locate it when needed."

First it says that the link is at the end of the page, then it says it's at the top?

Also: is "to navigational content" correct or should it read "to navigate content"


> "If the references to the next page read "page 1", "page 2", "page 2" etcetera, the labels are not the same but they are consistent."

Is it correct that page 2 is repeated? Schouldn't that read "page 3"?


> "In the case of an unsuccessful form submission, users may abandon the form because although they may be aware that an error has occurred, they may be unsure of how to correct the error even though they are aware that it has occurred."

even though they are aware that it has occurred. <- this is repeated in this sentence!


> "whether there are no workarounds if the Success Criteria is not met"

" criteria are " or " criterion is "


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