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ref disabled access at the christchurch harbour hotel

From: Gillian Harbour <gillian.harbour@sky.com>
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 13:35:15 +0100
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my wife is disabled , and needs to use a wheelchair for most activities , yesterday we visited the christchurch hotel at mudeford dorset for dinner, upon entering the car park it was clear there were no spaces , i looked for disabled bays , and was amazed that there were no marked or noticed bays for blue badge holders , however there is an access lift outside the main entrance enabling a wheelchair to access the steps at the entrance , however it was impossible to access this lift as the area around it is blocked by a parking bay , any car parked adjacent to the entrance on the lh side completely blocks the access , my wife had to walk into the building causing distress , I have to say that when I posed this issue to the duty manager he was very apologetics and moved the offending vehicle and placed our vehicle in the bay I thank him for that ,however the issue needs to be auctioned ASAP, 
the council should look at why there are no disabled facilities in the car park in line with planning guidelines
the hotel need to immediately action the access to the lift by blocking parking bay, the hotel should liase with the council re bays and notices 

1. blue badge bays in line with disabled act need to be auctioned ASAP
2. the bay immediately adjacent to the lift must be a no go area and marked thus 
3. the staff should monitor the parking in these new bays as many take little or no notice or respect the disabled 
4. I will monitor of any works take place in the next month , if not be assured I will raise this to the hotels owners or board and move it upstairs in the council
k harbour 
4 tynham ct 
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