WCAG 2.0 should advance to Candidate Recommendation

Name: Wendy Chisholm
Email: chisholm.wendy@gmail.com
Document: W2
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Comment Type: general comment
Summary of Issue: WCAG 2.0 should advance to Candidate Recommendation
Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
Overall, I think this draft is good (caveat: I only reviewed the Level A SC).  I am disappointed by the lack of a Level A success criterion for liquid layout (1.4.4), but I do not think that should stop the document from moving forward. 

I evaluated a real-world site with multimedia, images, forms, scripting (including a change of context on focus), timing, non-accessibility supported technologies, and a tag cloud where font size has meaning.  The evaluation put each Level A success criteria to the test.  While I had to dig through many situations and techniques to fully understand some of the success criteria, ultimately I was able to understand almost everything (only a little confusion on 1.1.1 and conformance - see my other comments). While the site that I evaluated failed several of these criteria, I was able to suggest specific fixes that would allow the site to claim Level A conformance - and more importantly - increase its accessibility to people with disabilities. 

I believe that WCAG 2.0 should advance to Candidate Recommendation.

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Received on Saturday, 2 February 2008 00:25:09 UTC