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Comment LC-1040

From: Gian Sampson-Wild <gian@tkh.com.au>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 11:10:26 +1000
To: "'Loretta Guarino Reid'" <lorettaguarino@google.com>
Cc: <public-comments-WCAG20@w3.org>
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Comment 20:

Source: http://www.w3.org/mid/000901c69538$2e394450$f4c9b23a@tkhcomputer
(Issue ID: LC-1040)

Vertical scoping - Vertical scoping outlaws saying "This site complies
except for all movies and animations" but does not outlaw putting all movies
and animations in a subdirectory (eg "movies") and scoping out that
subdirectory (eg. Www.site.com/movies). It also doesn't outlaw a supermarket
site saying "This site complies except for the shopping cart" or a bank web
site saying "This site complies except for the internet banking section."

Proposed Change:

Remove the concept of vertical scoping.

Response from Working Group:

The "Scope out" language has now been removed from the Conformance section
and conformance is now based on Web page(s): that is a primary resource
referenced by a URI and any other resources that are rendered simultaneously
with it with the understanding that different sub elements or resources may
be rendered simultaneously with the primary resource at different points in
time. The conformance claim process requires the claimant to state which
URIs the claim applies to.

We have also added a conformance criterion regarding pages that are part of
a process:

Complete processes: If a Web page that is part of a process does not conform
at some level, then no conformance claim is made at that level for any Web
pages in that process.
Response from GSW:
Thank you for taking my comment into account.
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