specifying colors outside srgb gamut with extended-linear-srgb

Hi colorweb members.

Using extended-linear-srgb seems intuitive when colors are inside sRGB 
gamut, if I want a yellow that is twice as bright as a regular bright 
sRGB yellow, I use (r,g,b)=(2,2,0) instead of (r,g,b)=(1,1,0).

What if I want my application to use a nice saturated BT.2020 yellow 
instead, which is out-of-sRGB gamut, for example (r,g,b)=(2,2,0) in 
BT.2020 linear would translate to (r,g,b)=(2.145699727, 2.016698845, 
-0.237459323) in extended-linear-srgb with a negative blue value. Do we 
really expect users to specify negative color values?  I'm concerned 
that will be non-intuitive to users without a color science background.  
Or maybe we intend users to only feel comfortable with 
extended-linear-srgb when colors are inside sRGB gamut?


Received on Tuesday, 8 June 2021 05:40:17 UTC